Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Babies Via Spartoo.Gr

Hazelnut Ugg Boots from Spartoo.Gr
I know, it's August. Today the temperature reached 38 degrees in Greece, but my dear courier guy arrived to bring me those little cute Australian babies, that made a long way from France to be a part of my shoe collection. Neither am I a freak, nor am I planning to wear those in the short-term future, I am just stocking up for winter.Wise girl, that is. Remember telling you that Spartoo.Gr featured (and is still featuring) amazing sales up to -70%? Well, I seized the moment and bought my new Hazelnut UGGS (short version) for -40%. And this is the moment I start praying for a chilly winter.

I am not here to tell you that UGGs are beautiful, or elegant, or whatever. I am still some kind of a hater, cause I find them really not-feminine, but (there is always a but, remember I am a Gemini with really open perspectives) my feet cannot live in sky-high pumps, just to be in style. I needed some kind of cozy shoes for these days that I keep shaking from cold, or for these little rejuvenating winter trips. I already have a brown pair, and I just got a second, hazelnut one, just in case. I didn't plan to, but -hey- it was quite of a deal, don't you think?

So, UGGs: Yay or Nay?

Can't wait to hear from you!


Λένα Ντ. said...

σε καταλαβαίνω απόλυτα εγώ ανυπομονώ να τις φορέσω και πάλι φέτός το χειμώνα...

Adeola Naomi said...

But UGG are a big NO for me, I personally do not consider them shoes even.
I am always so absolute

Nikosmommy said...

Uggs are a WAY of LIFE here in Canada and in much of the took me sooo long to learn to like them but now i have 3 pairs. They are beyond comfy, look cute with skinny jeans and are (somehow) always in style! I doubt you'll regret the purchase!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Those boots are too humid for our country. =)

Keit said...

Actually I read that UGG's were worn even in Summer, because they are so good at isolating heat and cold. Don't know if that's really true :D
Yeah there will always be haters and loves of that cute, fluffy boot. I used to hate them, didn't know what people see in them, now I just stare at them and hope to have enough money to buy a pair :D Boy, do people change! :D

Taelia said...

UGGs...Nay θα έλεγα! χαχα! Δεν μου αρέσουν καθόλου! Παρόλα αυτά! Καλοφόρετα!!!!
Καλή σου ημέρα και με γεια!!

VιcκyBeL said...

tis agapw tis UGG:)
mou aresei polu to blog sou!

Froso M. said...

I am still between the two points of view! I agree, they are totally nay in appearance, but they are totally yay concerning the feeling.

I love your feedback, keep going.


Magda Scrobota said...

i love uggs :) they are so comfy and can be matched easily with everything, i prefer them with feminine flower print dresses.
thank you for your comment on my blog.
would you like to follow each other?
have a lovely day

Les Gourmandises d'Hélène said...

Yay ;) got the same

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