Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Collections in Spartoo.Gr

all images are courtesy of Spartoo.Gr
We are in the middle of August, sales are on fire (you can find amazing things with a spark of luck), but it is quite a phenomenon for every one of us to give our full attention to the new-ins. Just like in the beginning of every spring tanned sandals and flowery wedges keep our eyes away from the -60% boots, the same thing happens now; I can't keep my eyes off of those new, suede or leather beauties that will keep my pedicure intact. I already dream of rain and long walks in my cozy jeans (you have no idea how much I've missed wearing my jeans due to the desert temperatures we have in Greece). No wonders the pupil of my eyes turn into heart shape when I see the "New Arrivals" link on my on-line shopping list. Uhm, and the last week I bought a pair of chestnut Uggs; yes, I know it is early, but THEY WERE ON DISCOUNT!!! And I needed something really comfy for winter because I am a teacher, standing all the time. Just take a look at some extra new-ins. I loved those equally.
all images are courtesy of Spartoo.Gr




Carina said...

Oohhh the ash boots! Beautiful shoes!

CITYHYD said...

ooooo those boots :) :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

I want ras and ash! Haha!

sepatuholic said...

I love ASH....

Larissa said...

Great blog dear!
From hats to heels

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