Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Espadrilles in Spartoo.Gr

"The ultimate summer shoe. When the impossible happens and the winter turns to summer
in a matter of twenty-four hours, one must have a pair of espadrilles to wear with a sundress, 
your favorite white jeans, or a caftan. The espadrille, a shoe of Spanish and Portuguese origin, 
is characterized by a sole made from twisted cord sewn on sturdy cloth. The flat espadrille had 
originally been a shoe of peasants, warriors, and Mediterranean fishermen. Today's 
espadrilles are high-heeled and and would not fare well in warfare or on serious fishing trips. 
Christian Louboutin makes the ultimate fashion version, which remain in highly coveted style
season after season."

Nina Garcia
The One Hundred
 Fashion 101:
Espadrilles did not go high fashion or high-heeled until the 1960s, when Yves saint Laurent
met up with Isabel Castaner at a trade fair in Paris. The now-famous Castaner shoe
company had been making espadrilles since 1776, but it was on the point of closing its doors.
There was no longer a market for the espadrille, which started out as a humble flat shoe
for peasants and country folk. Along came Yves Saint Laurent, who asked Castaner
if they cold make an espadrille with a high heel. That request saved the company.
Nobody had ever thought of a high-heeled espadrille
before, but as soon as it hit the market, the shoe took off.
Today, the label is legendary in Spain and around the world. It is 
also clearly the favorite among the fashion set, as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis
Vuitton, and Donna Karan all commission Castaner to manufacture their espadrilles.

Just a little tribute to one of my new favorites!

PS:I just returned from my amazing holidays! Be ready for some really summery shots.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

very pretty x

Keit said...

Those are my mum's favorites :D

Maroula Athanasakou said...

Espadrilles are the must of this summer!! I really enjoyed your post!!

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