Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skater Chic in Spartoo.Gr

It is widely known that there is a continental divide between the East Coasters and the West Coasters; the first ones are avid supporters of Converse All Stars, whereas the second ones tend to prefer Vans. But why not both? Vans are the sneakers that scream California cool, and -above all- the trademark shoe for the worldwide skaters. Let's take a look at the real thing now.
 Fashion 101:
Vans were created in the '60s and are a SoCal legend.
It was the West Coast skating community that earned the company
a cultish following. Skaters in Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica began 
entering stores and asking for custom-made pairs (the company is famous for its
customized services), and soon every skater (and surfer) along the California coast 
had a pair of Vans. Then, in the 1980s, Vans hit the big time when 
a little movie called Fast Times at Ridgemont High hit the theaters.
Spicoli (Sean Penn) wore his pair of checkered Vans everywhere,
and within weeks the company was producing
millions of pairs of the shoe. 
Excerpt taken from Nina Garcia's book,
The One Hundred
 Your turn:


AVY said...

Oh, the first girly ones are cute!


Keit said...

Mmmm tomboy chick is my fav, and the first one for a mega girly experience :D

Lea - Living for Smiles. said...

I love Vans.. they def look cooler than chucks, I don't even know why.. but I love 'em! haha

chiara guadagnini said...

I'm a Vans lover!! gotta check it out


Scala said...

maybe because i'm an east coast girl, but converse all the way :)


love vans!


parfum lolita lempicka said...

Amazing colors, lovely shoes.
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