Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Collections in Spartoo.Gr

Sales are on, so you can get many summer items more than half price. But, is it that your eyes are always caught by the non-sale, fall/winter collections? Yeah, story of my life as well. Big sport brand names like Adidas, Nike and Reebok are some of the first ones to launch their fall collections, so, let's take a look.
Ever since its foundation in 1948 by the German Adolf Dassler, its three parallel lines logo is one of the most well known logos worldwide, and a synonym of quality and style. I love those new models, featuring some metallic details, because the certain sneakers do not only look good in the gym, but are perfect for use out and about. 
Being a massive Nike supporter myself, I can talk about the certain company's expertise in shoes for hours. Not only do they embody every latest technology possible in their designs , but they also know how to do it like a boss. Nike shoes have been my first choice ever since I remember having a say in my selections, and their construction and style quality has never betrayed me.
I really swear, I have never been a Reebok fan, yet lately, the certain company has made such jumps in merchandizing up their designs with new technologies, mass advertising and great colors (yes, I am truly devoted to vivid hues), that I couldn't help giving those a try. After all, girls are all about the shoes, and a pair of bright pink trainers can make us run that extra mile on the treadmill, can't they?

Have a stylish week,


Yajaira said...

nice comfy

The Dainty Dolls House said...

very cool shoes :) x

Lucia Flores said...

Reebok is gorgeous, but somehow they always manage to create models that have a weird fitting, compared to Adidas & Nike.. they always fit perfect!

Have lovely day!!

XOXO from the Netherlands,

mika said...

love the adidas <3

AuL Howler said...

Adidas and nike!!

OMG so cool! said...

Poli oraia ola tous!

Μη ξεχνάτε τον ΔΙΑΓΩΝΙΣΜΟ μας! Πάρτε μέρος τώρα!
Lot's of love!

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