Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flat Sandals in Spartoo.Gr

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Swollen feet. Burning days. Wedges are fine, but what about long walks in the city streets, or strolling by the seaside? Yeap, not good enough. Chic and comfortable may easily be a possible combination for every girl that needs that extra sense of heel-free comfort. Either by e-shopping from your couch or by taking a shopping walk downtown, you can easily have access to a plethora of amazing designs that will perfectly compliment your everyday outfits, no muss-no fuss.

Silver or golden hues, strassy or not -like those Ash and Antik Batik pairs, sandals look amazing with your summery skin tone and a coral toned pedicure. Plus, they can be combined with every possible color and look great even with a maxi dress. Animal prints on the other side, may not be easily combined, but pairs like that Couleur Pourpre one will do the job for you, no more accessories needed! Bows, cherries, studs and heart designs are of even greater appeal to the majority of women, as we always stay little girls in heart; that is why you have to take a closer look to the Petite Mendigote and D&G

See by Chloe on the other end of the fashion spectrum is here to combine luxury to comfort, and their neutrality is a basic factor of summer easygoingness.

Well, no matter what, my favorite pair is the Sans Interdit purple-grey one, for its romantic/ poetic character. What about you?



SophieAnna said...
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SophieAnna said...

Stylish sandals.Second one is our favorite :)

mika said...

all of them are amazing. I like the fourth and the last one more.

Despina T. said...

great choices.the chloe ones are so lovely.

Bohemian vanity said...

oh those Dolce flats are super cute ! Like them :) XX

Keit said...

Yup, the most comfortable shoe, after the sneaker :D

The Dainty Dolls House said...

very nice!! x

Mid Heel Shoes said...

Your collection is very nice..
Beautiful Designs! Very nice work Dude...really this flats sandals are so simple and unique ..Love it!!

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