Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Bit Of Gym Excitement Via Spartoo.Gr

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To make things clear, I've always been a Nike fan, concerning my gym shoes. Beautiful though they may seemed, other shoe lines never felt so light and runable (I like to coin words, don't judge me). That was until I came across the new Reebok lines, just like the Realflex and the Easytone. And now I am in a dilemma; stick to my Nike preference or spice things up by altering into a colorful Reebok pair? 

But, which are the most important characteristics of a gym pair of shoes?
  • First of all, the perfect pair has to be light, because you'll have to run in those on the treadmill, so any kind of extra weight will harm your knees and feet. 
  • They have to fit in your gym bag. There comes the no-weight issue, again.
  • They have to be beautiful and stylish. We are girls, after all.
  • They have to fit perfectly -be careful on choosing the right size.
  • They also have to be part of a well known athletic brand, in order for you to be fully guaranteed about their safety and composition. You will run in those, don't take any risks, it's better to break the bank for your shoes and keep your money concerning the gym clothes.
  • And last but not least, their color has to match your gym clothes. Gym is not a place to be sloppy, actually no place in the world permits sloppiness. 
So, these are the finalists:
which pair would you choose if you were me?
Your help will be deeply appreciated,


Hannah said...

i'm a nike kinda gal i think!
I have a pair of black and pink trainers but hardly ever wear them cos I'm very anti-gym- I'd rather go to a dance class for a couple hours


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I like the Nike ones, although I would wear the others too! x

Keit said...

Totally the black ones, dreaaamy! said...

Polles epiloges! Thnx gia tis protaseis!

Beauty Follower said...

Νομιζω οτι σε αυτη την σειρα εχω κατι καποια σε τυρκουαζ...


I have the Nike ones and they are great!! I recommend them without a second thought!!

Janneke said...

The nikes are great! I love this post, your writing style is great and you seem to care a lot about how to promote great brands, I like it!

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