Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love Victoria's Pink

Tropical Kimono by
The big bag contains that beautiful kimono The small bag contained some other amazing things, but I do not consider it proper to let the world know what kind of panties I prefer wearing, so I'll keep it classy. I loved its magnificently vivid colors, actually I'm wearing it right now, feeling like Miranda. (Seriously, stop laughing, now. Now.)

Oh, I love getting presents like these...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Bags Via Spartoo.Gr

Bikinis? I guess you've already taken care of that. Beach towel? Yeap, that too. Sunscreen? Oh, yeah. But what about a nice, quite spacious beach bag to fill with your beach essentials? Girls' needs are really complex, so, let's take a look to what I've came across while browsing at my favorite Spartoo.Gr. First things first, ladies. The classics:
A striped beach bag, like that Bench or Elle one is the core classic, along with a straw basket. But that kinda papery huge Diesel beauty stole my heart from the first sight. Just imagine it with some beautiful jeans and -ta dah!!!- you have a city/ shopper bag as well. Those of you, loving the really simple way, I'm sure you'll like that US Polo -pure white- bag, with those beautiful rope handles. Well, summer is not only about the classics. Summer is the season with the more fun side possible. So, let's take a look at some more contemporary designs:
I loved-loved-loved the Moschino Cheap & Chic heart bag, cause you can have a peep at your stuff, and -of course- that Aridza Bross one because of its rock attitude (I would use it as a city bag as well). Lollipops does some great designs too, just take a look at those food details (it's a good thing to be young at heart, at all times). So, beach towel, some kind of body coverage, any kind of sunscreen, books or magazines, Blackberry, wallet, lip balm. 

What else do you carry around at the beach?


Monday, June 18, 2012

A Special Saturday

vintage skirt worn as dress, accessorize clutch, hm bracelet, bcbg shoes
Last Saturday was a really special day, as the first of my classmates got married; to be specific, the girl that I shared my desk with, throughout high school. In fact, it's such a weird sentiment, realizing that people you are growing up, while -deep inside- some of us are still attached to their teenage years. It's been less than 5 years that we've been really foolish, and now there she is, in a wedding gown. Yeap, I got a bit emotional at some time, but I had the most amazing friend by my side, and we had a great deal of fun (I am glad you can't see the rest of the pictures, but going to the wedding venue was such an adventurous task). I hope they will be happy together, sharing a wonderful and exciting life. 

Love you all,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flat Sandals in Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Swollen feet. Burning days. Wedges are fine, but what about long walks in the city streets, or strolling by the seaside? Yeap, not good enough. Chic and comfortable may easily be a possible combination for every girl that needs that extra sense of heel-free comfort. Either by e-shopping from your couch or by taking a shopping walk downtown, you can easily have access to a plethora of amazing designs that will perfectly compliment your everyday outfits, no muss-no fuss.

Silver or golden hues, strassy or not -like those Ash and Antik Batik pairs, sandals look amazing with your summery skin tone and a coral toned pedicure. Plus, they can be combined with every possible color and look great even with a maxi dress. Animal prints on the other side, may not be easily combined, but pairs like that Couleur Pourpre one will do the job for you, no more accessories needed! Bows, cherries, studs and heart designs are of even greater appeal to the majority of women, as we always stay little girls in heart; that is why you have to take a closer look to the Petite Mendigote and D&G

See by Chloe on the other end of the fashion spectrum is here to combine luxury to comfort, and their neutrality is a basic factor of summer easygoingness.

Well, no matter what, my favorite pair is the Sans Interdit purple-grey one, for its romantic/ poetic character. What about you?


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Bit Of Gym Excitement Via Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
To make things clear, I've always been a Nike fan, concerning my gym shoes. Beautiful though they may seemed, other shoe lines never felt so light and runable (I like to coin words, don't judge me). That was until I came across the new Reebok lines, just like the Realflex and the Easytone. And now I am in a dilemma; stick to my Nike preference or spice things up by altering into a colorful Reebok pair? 

But, which are the most important characteristics of a gym pair of shoes?
  • First of all, the perfect pair has to be light, because you'll have to run in those on the treadmill, so any kind of extra weight will harm your knees and feet. 
  • They have to fit in your gym bag. There comes the no-weight issue, again.
  • They have to be beautiful and stylish. We are girls, after all.
  • They have to fit perfectly -be careful on choosing the right size.
  • They also have to be part of a well known athletic brand, in order for you to be fully guaranteed about their safety and composition. You will run in those, don't take any risks, it's better to break the bank for your shoes and keep your money concerning the gym clothes.
  • And last but not least, their color has to match your gym clothes. Gym is not a place to be sloppy, actually no place in the world permits sloppiness. 
So, these are the finalists:
which pair would you choose if you were me?
Your help will be deeply appreciated,

Friday, June 8, 2012

An Ode To Ray Bans

ray ban folding wayfarers, ichi top and sweatpants, exe shoes, vintage purse
Just a quick look to the most recently added pair of sunglasses in my shade collection. In the past, I used to hate Wayfarers (what a weirdo am I sometimes?), just like I used to hate Converse (see, a total psycho right in front of you). But I realized that no matter how many Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada and many other "to-the-moment" pairs I bought, I always carried around my trusty Ray-Ban aviators. And they never looked silly, or outdated. They just looked -and still look- cool, no matter the circumstances. I have a pair -almost 7 years old-, it had traveled with me to islands and mountains, to the sea or to the countryside, to formal occasions and to ripped-jeans situations, and -still- it is my favorite pair, ever! I am really into classics lately, so I decided to invest in one more Ray Ban piece.

What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New In via Spartoo.Gr

Well, I am good at walking in heels, yet you can never call me a heel guru, and that is why I stick to 12cm, to be able to stand on my two feet. Every time I invested in a 14cm pair, it just ended up to be a museum piece, being intact on my shelf. But as I was browsing through Spartoo.Gr I came across those teal green beauties, from an English brand called Buffalo. My collection was lacking a green pair and I thought to give it a try. The heel is 14cm, but I thought "What the hell, I can just try it on (returns are free of charge in Spartoo.Gr) and if it isn't walkable, I can easily send it back"

After 4 days, the postman brought the beauties right on my door. And they felt like heaven on my feet. Excellent quality, excellent customer service and brilliant sense. The heel is REALLY walkable, as I was able to stand and walk around for 7 hours without being grumpy at all. What is more, the Buffalo collection has a wide range of products, from simple, yet so cute, ballet flats to extremely sexy and feminine sandals and pumps, so you can choose anything you like (the prices are surprisingly affordable, and combined with the free shipping you have nothing to worry about!) according to your taste and lifestyle.

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