Thursday, May 31, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

"Πουθενά δεν πάω, μ'ακούς
ή κανείς ή κι οι δύο μαζί, μ'ακούς"
Oδυσσέας Ελύτης

Tattoos are purely personal, part of our ego, and I am constantly thinking of a new work of art to add on my skin. Each one represents a part of your life, a phase that you've been through and you never want to forget, a constant reminder of life lessons you've learned along the way.

Those are some lines of a -very popular, I guess- greek poem, called "The Monogram". Written by Odysseus Elytis back in 1971, it has always given me the goosebumps, ever since I was a teenager. For me, that is the meaning of true love; assuring the person you love, no matter if he or she is a lover, a friend, or a family member, that you will never let the fear of separation come between you two. No matter the distance, no matter the years, no matter even God. 

It's greek, it features my own handwriting, it's perfectly imperfect, it's me.



Olga Di L said...

Αγαπώ τον Ελύτη. Αγαπώ το Μονόγραμμα, αγαπώ το "μ'ακούς", αγαπώ το handwriting (μετά από τόσα reports), αγαπώ το σημείο (αν και πρέπει να πόνεσε). Είναι όλο υπέροχο! Με γεια σου, μούσα μου!!!

η πάρτνερ <3

Strawberry said...

I really like them tattoos on wrists example of motto in life :)

Em :) said...

I love this! I also have a few small ones but they're concealed heh. Love your blog! ♥

Steven Brown said...

It is always a pleasure seeing a great blogger. I am now following :) so I do love it. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless~

steven b.

Antonella Leone said...

I love your blog I think that is really fantastic :) I've also a blog :) may we could follow each other? :) It will be a really pleasure for me :D

Marlena said...

that's so cool that it's your own handwriting, it's beautiful.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

What a cool tattoo! I love tattoos, I'm getting one of a blackbird on my wrist this summer!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

La Romantique said...


Alexandra said...

I love your blog! I follow you! I invite you to my blog:
And if you like ... Follow me!Thanks!

VιcκyBeL said...

moy aresei toso polu to tattoo sou!
tha kanw kai egw tin epomeni vdomada,an kai fobamai ligaki!


Froso M. said...

@Olga Di: Thanks partner mou!!! Den me ponese, o Xristos sto NicoTattoo einai elafroxeris!!!

@Elizabeth: Blackbird? Love it!

@Vicky Bel: Tha sou perasei to agxos molis arxisei h diadikasia, don't worry!

I am glad you like it, a warm welcome to every new follower!

Vasia said...

είναι υπέροχο..! ίσως και το καλύτερο tattoo που έχω δει. πολύ καλή επιλογή!

melani said...

pragmatika polu oreo to tattoo sou,exo kai ego tattoo apo to monograma, emena ine oi stixoi :epeidi to adokimasto kai to ap'alou fermeno den to antexoun oi anthropoi kai ine noris m'akous

to olo poiima ine teleio kai ine to agapimeno m !!!

cheers :))

K said...

σπουδαίο ποστ* όχι μόνο λόγω του τέλειου τατού αλλά και λόγω του πολύ όμορφου κειμένου σου! :))

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