Sunday, May 13, 2012

Casadei (aka I'm Sexy and I Know It) at Spartoo.Gr

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Dear fellows with the Cinderella syndrome, all over the globe. 
Remember those days, when you were a little girl with two uneven pigtails at each side of your head, holding tight your mother's hand? Those days, usually at the beginning of every season that you used to go to a local shop, intending to buy a proper pair of shoes to wear at school or in a special occasion, like your classmates' birthdays (that was a quite big thing when I was a kid). But -above all- I am sure as hell that you remember the immensity of your craving for your mother's high heels (even though they do not seem that high nowadays), and the times that you used to step inside her shoes , trying to walk like a lady. (by the way, mum you rocked, I still remember your see-through Dior pumps). Now, that we are quite older, the same passion for special shoes is shared at every part of the world. And who could embody that passion better than a fashion house like Casadei?
When it comes to shoes, I usually go for the simple way. Cause the simplest the shoe, the most outrageous dresses can it support. And I love living my shoes,  not only watching them at the shelves of my bookcase (Oh, haven't I mentioned before that I keep my shoes in a bookcase?). No matter what, a proper pair of shoes has to be one or two colored at most. Either you would go for a purple pair of pumps, like the satin ones featured in the first picture, or the beige/black one with the bow (awww, what a beauty!), Casadei is here to seal the contract of quality and style. No matter the height of the heel, I would guarantee you that Casadei artists have managed to find the perfect balance between the wearability and looks. Still, my favorite ones  would be the neutral ones featured in the second picture, no surprise, huh?

Which ones do you prefer,
flashy or neutral pairs?


Hannah said...

fabulous shoes. i'm a big fan of simple but elegant heels in black and nude colours


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous shoes, love the top ones :) x said...

Poli oraies oi protaseis!!!
Lot's of love!

Grace said...

Why not both flashy and neutral!


Marialena said...

Love the nude heels

Froso M. said...

Nudes are the best, for sure!


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