Sunday, April 22, 2012

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In my everyday life, I am quite the ballerina kind of girl, cause they're easygoing and comfy to walk around all day, looking elegant and classy. In my sportier days, I adore to wear different types of trainers, with a sure love for Converse (well, I bet that's way too clear if you're a regular reader of my blog). But any girl bearing the respectable burden of the Cinderella syndrome, -yes, me too- feels a strong dedication to the most feminine shoes ever: high heels.

Either platforms,  or pumps, a nice pair of sky-high shoes will compliment your dress and figure in one move. I am a huge fan of neutral colors, cause I hate getting a headache in order to match a difficult pair of shoes with a dress that is just as complicated. Just take a look at those Michael Kors beauties, or at these Sebastian ones ( I really love platforms, they look amazing with every summer dress possible, and they can be worn day and night -how amazing is that?-). Neutrals may not be enough though, so a colorful pair will renew our boring jean-white-beige dresses, or create a great color-block look. An orange pair like those Paco Gil ones or these green Casadei miracles. I am still working on it: how many pairs can be enough?



fashion meets art said...

wow- perfect shoes. love the michael kors ones. so perect.
maren anita

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AVY said...

D&G, perfect as always.


cocobloggers said...

ειναι υπεροχες ολες οι επιλογες σου!!!ειδικα τα τελευταια dolce τα αγαπω!!
το blog σου ειναι καταπληκτικο...σε ακολουθουμε σιγουρα!!

a kiss from the

Anastasios said...

All of them are to die for!!!!!!!! I love the Casadei ones!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous shoes :) x

Mr kane said...

Nos encanta tu blog! Te seguimos!

Hecha un vistazo a nuestros vestidos!

Un saludo,
California Dream.

Marialena said...

Λάτρεψα το προτελευταίο. Υπέροχο blog!

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