Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ready for Spring Excursions? by Spartoo.Gr

Clothes? Check. Shoes? Check. Cosmetic case? Check. Accessories and jewellery? Double check. I am pretty sure all you stylish ladies and gentlemen out there have already mastered your packing techniques, when it comes to traveling. But have you ever thought of the stylistic echo of your baggage?  After all, style lies in the details, doesn't it?
Well, first things come first: the synonym of a stylish traveler is a classic Samsonite piece/ set of suitcases. I still have two old pieces my mum has bought back in the 80s. And, two decades after, they still look great.  They might be a bit pricey, I agree, but their high endurance and durability, in addition to their intense sense of style, will make up for every single penny. Of course, you can always invest (quality suitcases ARE an investment, you can never question that) in other brands of equal quality, yet, more affordable like the following ones:
Just a few tips for choosing the right suitcase:
  1. It must be handy. That means, it has to be light with swirling wheels, easy to drag around, not having to worry about a hurt arm.
  2. It must have a guarantee
  3. It must have a good quality lock. And strong zippers.
  4. On the inside, a proper amount of straps and pockets is always a prerequisite.
  5. It must be light, cause modern airlines become stricter and stricter concerning their weight limits. Yes, that is personal experience talking.
  6. It has to be different from the rest, in color or in design. Not only because you are stylish (well, that is quite of a matter, too), but also because you don't wanna be caught accidentally stealing someone else's bag from the baggage carousel, just because it is similar as yours.
Any more tips would be deeply appreciated!



AVY said...

Love the one with the bear!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Very cool! One needs a sturdy case like these, with the way the airlines handle luggage these days, bags get broken too easily!! x

Marialena said...

Όντως είναι σημαντικά αυτά για μια βαλίτσα. Παρεπιπτόντως από αυτές που πόσταρες εγώ αγάπησα την τελευταία. said...

Πολύ ωραίο ποστ! Εξαιρετική ιδέα σου μιας και όλοι μας θα χρειαστούμε βαλίτσες το καλοκαίρι! Φιλάκια!
Lot's of love!

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