Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ballerina Hunting in

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The sun is shining, spring is officially here, boots are out of question, and clothes gain all those amazing color splashes that intrigue every girl that loves fashion. What is the absolute shoe for our spring walks? Yeap, -not difficult to guess-, the ballet flat.

Personally speaking, I've always loved the classic ballerina shoe design, a simple body with a leather bow, that is. Can't get out of my head the fabulous Brigitte Bardot, with her Repetto ones, sexy and cute at the same time.
The first item to begin a mindful ballerina shoe collection is a black, patent leather pair, that will be easily worn every season, except for the summer. To compliment your collection, all you have to buy after the so called black pair, is a neutral toned one, either in beige or in gold.  You can find great instances of those classics in Geox, or in my currently favorite brand, the Pretty Ballerina (so comfy and durable, you'll love them too). After those two pairs, all you have to do is let your imagination work. Bold colors or leopard prints, red ones (I always pretend to be Dorothy when I wear mine), or a navy blue pair that will look amazing with your navy outfits. 

What will be your choice for this Spring?


Anonymous said...

Νο οne could look sexier with ballet flats than Brigitte! Her style is an eternal source of inspiration!


Big kiss

Call me M said...

Para poli wraies oles sou oi epiloges!
Egw pira ena zeugari Cafe Noir mpalarines apo to Spartoo! Kati anamesa stis Geox, kai tis Pretty Ballerinas pou deixneis edw! Rixe mia matia kai se ekeines! Einai poli kales!

kiki said...

I like the black ones :)
they are very comfty at work and freetime or something :D

smugnificent said...

Ι love ballet flats. My latest purchase is a pair of simple basic pastel pink. Ι don't really wear heels so I have many pairs for all seasons!

Olga Kotsani said...

Ontws oi mpalarines einai agapimenes kai passepartout papoutsia! Apo autes pou poli wraia mas parousiazeis protimw tis Nine West gia fetos kai tis Buffalo ws all time classic epilogi!
Thanks gia to follow! Se akolouthw kai egw apo twra!!! xxx

Well... said...

I love ballet flats! The metal capped ones are the best <3

Trendy Teal

Despina said...

An kai den tis thewrw ta pio aneta papoutsia sigoura einai apo ta pio chic! Oi Nine West, Ras, Buffalo kai Avril Gau einai uperoxes!!!
Btw, thnx for following me Froso..
Followed u back.

Styleflakes said...

υπεροχες επιλογες!!!λατρευω nine west και ras!είναι τοσο ευκολοφορετες και στυλατες!τελειο ποστ!
ps:folowing back!
τελειο μπλογκ!θα τα λεμε συχνα!
πολλα φιλια!

Carla G. said...

Hi! thank you very much for your visit and your comment on my blog!
I love the ballerinas, and are very comfortable and I love the hunter to show in your post, nice!


Amanda said...

I love every single one of those ballerina shoes!

Following your blog :)

Amanda xo

Nuha said...

the avril gau pair is my favorite- so pretty!

Angi said...

wooo nice ballerinas!! I love the ballerinas! a big kiss muaks

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those are gorgeous!! Love wearing those :) x

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

The Nine West flats are the first on my list this spring, so so chic.

P.S. Enter my awesome international giveaway

Froso M. said...

I agree, they are not the comfiest of shoes, but they are the best ally in everyday walks, when trainers or high heels are out of the question!

Thanks for those insightful comments,
keep going, I love to hear from you!


Tina.. said...

Very nice post!! Ballerinas are classics!

flea market said...

My choice? All of them! ;)

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