Saturday, April 14, 2012

All Star Heaven, aka Spartoo.Gr

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Well, this may sound a bit peculiar, but I used to hate Converse All Stars until I turned 21. I used to think of them as ugly and corny. Everybody, literally e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y, used to have -at least- one pair, and I couldn't understand why would anybody want to look like a million others who made the same choice. And then, magically, everything became clear when I bought my first black pair. And then my pure white one. And the list is never ending.

AllStars are not just a pair of shoes, they are the concept of freedom and rebelliousness. Worn either with jeans or with a tuxedo, they instantly bring out the cool factor. First produced back in 1917 (almost a century, wow), Converse has made its attempt to capture the basketball market by giving the name of Chuck Taylor -a basketball player and shoe salesman- to the certain shoe line. Not only did they manage to conquer the basketball market, but also the worldwide shoe market in general.

Today, little do I care if I'm wearing the same shoes with a million others. And with my mum (I got her a red pair of Chucks for her birthday). And with you. In fact, I enjoy the individuality of each pair, looking the same but being so different.

And -speaking about Converse-, how many pairs do you own?

Quiz: Two pairs of the ones featured above, will be mine next week. Can you guess which ones?


fashion meets art said...

i love chucks. they are the best shoes ever.
maren anita

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Gosh hun, can't possibly guess at the lucky two pairs you've managed to snaffle up but ANY of these would make lovely additions to your shoe wardrobe! ^_^ Please let us know which ones though! Digging the polka dot bottom pairs (simply because of their quirkiness) so I've got my fingers crossed that thats one of them :P

Eeli xo

Hannah said...

i really fancy myself a pair of white converse for summer!


Natascha Coester said...

I love the yellow pair :)

Greg said...

One of the is for sure the usa flag ones?

Com'on, TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty Follower said...

Βλεπω εχουμε την ιδια αγαπη για τα μποτακια...

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