Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Essentials for Women Via

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Have a nice month everybody!
Spring is on the way, and our closets may need some kind of boost (just like our self confidence), so lets have a quick talk about the essentials, concerning every style-conscious girl's shoe collection. What do we need to be prepared for the new season?
  • A pair of All Stars, is -by far- my all time staple. No matter the color, they look amazing in every easy-going walk with your best friends.
  • A pair of neutral ballet flats (black or beige), just like those Geox ones, to accompany your girly dresses or skinny jeans (go Kate Moss), in those days that you cannot stand on high heels.
  • Just like the ballet flats, a pair of fierce booties will control your footsteps in those breezy nights that all you need is a spark of rock attitude!
  • Of course, a super-comfy pair of trainers just like those Nike beauties will be a great ally for you, either in the gym or in a shopping spree marathon. Well, Carrie Bradshaw, shopping in her sky-high heels is a movie character, you know...
  • Concerning that crazy, outrageous spring weather, a cute pair of Wellington boots is a prerequisite for your feet's well-being. My choice would be a simple -yet so chic- pair of Hunters. Kate would approve, too.
  • The biker boots, that will look great with your jean shorts.
  • And last, but not least, that sexy pair of pumpsthat will add up some edge to your outfit, just like those Paco Gil beauties I would personally wear. Basics are good, but we need the edge to spice up our lives, don't you think?
What are your basics for spring?
I would be more than happy to hear your opinions.
Be stylish,


Patti said...



Claire D. T said...

Ωραίες προτάσεις :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love these shoe picks!! Have a great weekend!! xx said...

Poli sostes oi protaseis sou! Agapo all star! Latreuo ta xromatakia tous!
Lot's of love!

Evi said...

Oh, love this list!!! I agree 100% about the All-Stars, they're so comfy and cool to look at!

Yajaira said...

agree, all essentials

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