Saturday, March 10, 2012

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I admit that I've always been jealous of men, concerning their clothes. All they have to do is to stock up some T-shirts, some jeans and a few hoodies, And they look gorgeous, no matter what. And they have the same shoes for day and night. Not like us, in a constant need of new high heels, ballerinas for everyday chic, open toes or pointy ones, boots, booties and so on (the list is, indeed, never ending).

So, what do men need to add in their shoe collection in order to bend it like Beckham?
  1. Corny as it may seem, as everyone seems to own a pair, the Nike Air Max (you name the model of your choice) remains one of my favorite sports shoe ever. They look pretty cool, don't they?
  2. The Chuck by Converse is history by itself. The leather version  though is spicing it up, taking that man from a rock concert to a hot date, looking good either way.
  3. The well-known Converse hero, because we -girls- looooooooove boys with ripped jeans, All-Stars, white T-shirts and a pair of Ray-Bans. Ok, this is me loving that kind of boys, but whatever.
  4. Not every man would pull off that look, but a pair of biker-like boots, neutral like the ones I chose would look really stylish, paired with a pair of black jeans. He doesn't have to be Pete Doherty, but in that way he will be able to show off his fashion consciousness.
  5. The semi formal pair, substituting the pointy-shiny kind of shoe our daddies used to wear on a night out. That pair featured above is a perfect example: its brown -meaning neutral-, it has those water marks (love them like hell) and it would look great, either with jeans or with a nice pair of trousers.
  6. And, a crazy-like pair, cause boys need a bit of style excitement as well!
 Can't wait to hear from you!
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Mesmerize said...

so great shoes! love it!
please visit me in free time:)

StreetLounge said...

Oh, I already had #3 and they're really classic ;)

Froso M. said...

Everybody has to own a #3 StreetLounge, nice choice!


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