Friday, February 24, 2012

Style Nirvana Proposes

In case you've been a regular reader of my blog, you'd surely know how much I love online shopping. Clothes, books, shoes and accessories -they all do the job- coming right at your door! And there was NEVER a time that I discovered an online shop, full of style treasures, that I didn't share with my readers. 

I've always been a bag girl, and I still am, but I just came across, (named by the Greek Sparta, believe it or not), an online shop and trusted European seller of shoes based in Grenoble, France. Three besties, Boris, Paul and Jeremy, decided to combine their pure love for shoes and the net, to create a massive online shop, present in more than 20 countries, selling more than 500 brands, with more than 12 million European visitors per month!

So, I accidentally browsed the Greek/ Cypriot version of Spartoo as I was looking for that special pair of Dr.Martens I couldn't find anywhere in the local market. And there it was! Available in all sizes. Not to mention all the other female brands that made me to continue browsing for almost an hour! Adidas, Melissa, Converse, Keds, Superga (hello Olsens!), Ugg, Steve Madden and so on! Oh, and did I mention that there are NO delivery rates for orders above 60 euros? Extra bonus: seasonal sales AND (the most important of all) FREE RETURNS! After all, it's all about the girly Cinderella syndrome: a new pair of shoes is always necessary!

I'm going to spend my money, shoe shopping online!
Can't wait to hear from you.


Patti said...

Love Spartoo!!! xoxo

Hannah said...

fabulous! i wish i had money but i'm still saving for india


StreetChic said...

super cute post!! stunning pics!

Fashionable Memories said...

I love online shopping now too! I find it more convenient to shop for shoes than at local stores. Thank you for sharing a new web!

Laura said...

Nice post honey

Ps : I'm finalist at the Nelly contest please vote for LAURALEXO Need your help ! PLEASE, It'd mean a lot to me!

Xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

Έχω παραγγείλει από το spartoo, και μάλιστα Dr Martens συγκεκριμένα(και σε καλύτερη τιμή απ ότι τις ρήκα σε κανονικό μαγαζί). Στο συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα. Και κάτι πολύ σημαντικό ,έχουν πολύ καλό τμήμα εξυπηρέτησης πελατών. Συγκεκριμένα εμένα μου έστειλαν λάθος παραγγελία και ήταν απόλυτα ευγενικοί και γρήγοροι στην απόστολή της σωστής, συν ότι μου δώσαν και εκπτωτικό κουπόνι 20ευρώ για την επόμενη.

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