Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello September

hm t-shirt, isolde jeggings, exe shoes, asos rings, balenciaga purse
There are some posts that I love, and that is certainly one of those. The weather was perfect, the background was wicked and my sister was having a blast with the camera. Plus, I decided to take a step back to my teenage years and try a middle parting, which I am not sure whether I like it or not -yet. That is my dad's ancient camera that I use to have as a decorative detail in my office. September is just a step away, and despite my blues for not being a university student anymore, I can't help feeling positive about the new season. I hope you feel like that as well, you know I love you.
I'm off to try making make some pancakes.
Big kiss, 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At the moment

ray ban shades, ichi dress, chanel earrings, balenciaga purse, asos shoes, hm ring
There are sometimes when you can't get your mind on anything serious, ever if you have to. You prefer watching cartoons instead of the news, you eat ice cream for dinner, you prefer painting to reading, your university books are under the new issue of Vogue, you just deny being an adult and you keep on leading  a teenage life, you blame everything but you, and you joyfully substitute cleaning up the house with cuddling in the couch. That's me right now. Normally, my compulsive nature would make me feel kind of guilty. But, as my all time role model, John Lennon, used to say "Time you enjoy waisting, is not waisted". And who am I to disagree? 
(Come on summer, lets get it over with...)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Grandpa's Bag

hm romper, exe shoes, dior shades, grandpa's vintage bag
PS: When it comes to vintage accessories I am such a digger. This black leather bag, dated back in the 70s, used to be my grandpa's carry-all, and I really love it. Just like I adore his pocket watch, which I still use as a pendant. Trivia: my grandad was such a Robert De Niro look alike..!

Have a fun weekend you all!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

ray ban shades, feather earring, hm against aids top, skinny bra, diesel jeans, vintage purse from poland, exe shoes, purple fan from abrakatabra
From the moment I was born, mum has always been a basic part of my life frame. She was the one to calm me down when I had those terrible fights at school, to take care of my well being, to comfort me after those horrible nightmares, to give birth to my beloved little sis and make life seem so easy with her endless energy sources. 20 something years later, she still takes care of me as if I was a 6 year old brat. You know, I'm one of those infuriating people who hate expressing their true feelings to other people, especially to the closest ones. Yet, I feel so damn lucky to have them in my life, even if they live in a different country. I love them as hell, and I feel thankful every single day. And I'm sure they know. 
Never forget to give a hug to your loved ones. 
Big Kiss,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

50's With A Twist

vintage cropped top, stradivarius skirt, grey peep toes, pearl stud earrings
I've always been hesitant to answers questions like "What's your signature style?", because I am a firm believer that a person with a deep faith in Vogue never follows a style routine. Fashion is a game and you have to stay away from the rules in order to create your own thing. Frankly enough, I always feel more like me when I'm wearing a pair of nice fitting jeans and a white cotton T-shirt, combined with a killer pair of leopard pumps. Nevertheless, playing with different styles seems so much more fun; I didn't wear cropped tops for a million of years (the last time was in my 14 years of age), but I'll stick to them for the upcoming season, as they look so innocently sexy combined with a high waisted skirt/ pair of trousers. Marilyn would approve, so would Elvis, don't you think?

Can't wait to hear your opinions!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flowers and Audrey

sisters floral dress, ray ban shades, asos shoes, vintage purse from poland

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