Sunday, February 27, 2011

DIY: Balmain Me!

The Inspiration:
The DIY Result:
My all time shopping rule is one: NEVER buy something you can make on your own. When I first saw Christophe Decarnin's (my all time favorite fashion designer) Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Balmain, my heart probably skipped some beats. The certain T-shirts, though, are priced around 1035e *ouch, Christophe!*, so  I bought an H&M men T-shirt, some safety pins, ripped the Tee with a razor blade, put the safety pins on and here it is! I was wearing it last night, and it made quite an effect! Try it guys, it is so easy and it really looks like the original one (extra point: you save around 1025e, go buy a purse now!).

Love it or hate it? I love it so much, I will absolutely get my self a white one too!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Style Matters: To Spend or Not To Spend?

PS: Of course that is my opinion. As always, I simply cannot wait to read yours!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Believe In Miracles_ The Ramones

H&M Leather Jacket
H&M Kids T-shirt
Zara Pants
Geox Flats
JC Men's Belt
Dior Shades

"When in doubt, wear red."
Bill Blass                                              
P.S:Good morning sunshines! xoxo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yeah, right.

Leather Jacket & Cardi by Vero Moda
Beatles T-Shirt Cubus
Zara Trousers
Balenciaga Purse (hello lover!)
Rings from Avi&Lena (Sweden) and Asos
Heart shaped things seem irritating, love songs remind me of things I wanna forget, dinner in the candlelight seems like Hollywood trash on a day like this and tacky holding-hearts teddy bears make me wanna puke. Say hello to my sarcastic/ anti-romantic self. I can't help it, I just think that love and tenderness have to be celebrated every day, not once a year. 

PS: Gerard Butler, if you are reading this, take into consideration that I am a Gemini and I talk bullshit VERY OFTEN, of course we can celebrate St. Valentine's together all day/night long.

Love yourselves.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Style Matters: 10 Style Traps for Men

When it comes to men, I always think: why so much drama? A man can look gorgeous just in pair of ripped/old jeans, a white T-shirt and a pair of All-Stars.Yet, I only met a handful of stylish males (one of them is my best friend). After a laborious investigation (exaggerating, once again) and a little help from my friends, here are the results of the query:
1.Deep V-neck: It is disgusting. Absolutely not sexy. Hairy or waxed chest, it doesn't make the slightest difference. Even worse when super tight. Shoot me.
2.Wrong Trouser Length: I usually like it when men fold over their jeans, but only 1 out of 100 instances is successful. The 99% just folds it because they really do not think it needs to be shortened. I don't wanna be mean, but if you are over 18 years old, you will NOT gain height. Deal with it.
3.Sleeveless T-Shirts: Do not wear those. Neither at the gym, nor at the beach. Burn them. It is looks better to walk around half naked.
4. Shoes: The examples above may seem a bit dramatic, but choosing shoes seems to be a real chore for men. You are lucky enough to be able to wear the same kind of shoes day and night, so make some quality choices. Nike airsoles, All-stars and mocassin like shoes are at the top of my list. Please, avoid the shiny or pointy ones, unless your last name is Travolta.
5. Sunglasses: You may think I am shallow, but when I meet a man I always wanna check his sunglasses. Ray-Ban is at the top of my list, either Aviators or Wayfarers, those sunglasses bring out the cool factor at every man. Do not do a statement with your shades, please. You make me scared.
6. Visible Undershirt: Are you afraid you'll catch a cold? Then stay home. For God's shake, that is unacceptable for men under 60 years of age. Exception: I like visible undershirts under a knitted jumper, showing from the v-neck. 

7. Accessories: Those silicon watches need to be burned in fashion hell. Giant belt buckles should be banished from mass production. All a man needs is a watch. If you are style-proficient a pair of simple cufflinks will amaze me, too. Nothing more, please. 
8. Raised Polo Collar: In case you are Count Dracula, it is okay by me, you have built a whole career with that collar. If you have nothing to do with Dracula, stay away from my sight.
9. Jewellery: Are you a surfer from California? No. Are you P. Diddy? No. Are you a pimp? I hope not. Stay away from these polluting fashion details, then. Exception: I l-o-v-e piercings, if you go the piercing way, no matter how many of them you have, go for the SIMPLEST and SMALLEST pieces of jewellery.

10. Labelling: In that matter, men seem to be worse than women. I do not wanna know where your clothes come from. I want you to look good in them. A t-shirt that costs a ridiculous amount of money will not make you look neither more interesting, nor a better person. 

Now, the most interesting part of all: What is your opinion?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Treasure

Adidas T-shirt
Nike Sweatpants
Chanel Earrings
This is such a quick update, but exams come to an end by Wednesday, when I will be able to do some new outfit posts! Until then, let me introduce you my lovely little creature, Bukitsa (Μπουκίτσα -sounds much better in Greek-), that has taken my mind away from the very first time she came to our house. When we first got her she was tiny and thin, but as you can see, some months later, that is not a fact at all. I didn't do anything interesting through the weekend, as I was half-ill spending my time in sweatpants, sleeping and reading. 3 more days, and I'll get a life, I swear!
Take care sweethearts!

PS: Remember The Top 6 Disastrous Details article? I know you loved it, so there is gonna be a sequel next time! Be there, I want your opinions once again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY: The Easiest Statement Necklace

That's it, it's ready!
I never buy things that I can make on my own, that's the rule. I was walking downtown, and I was looking around, when a wonderful piece (exactly like that) caught my eye. In the window of a central shop, it was dangling, so beautiful and shiny! Price tag: 95E. Ok. Moving on. Thanks for the inspiration, though!

I had 2 bracelets I never wear just because, when put together, they are so loud and they get on my nerves. So, I did both, a gold-brown and a silver-black combination, using double string(that is completely up to you, I preferred it to look fuller). Price tag: 3E for the leather strings, I am so proud of me! ;) Try it, it is easy and it looks so boho-deluxe-unusual-impressive.

Tons of love,
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