Monday, January 31, 2011

Go Vintage Party- The Outfit

Headpiece by TheanoG
Vila Top
Stradivarius Skirt
Lace Gloves Beyond Retro
Boots Rollini
As I promised last night, here is the outfit of the party. My headpiece is made of feathers, Swarovski crystals and lake pearls (I can't get enough of it!). The lace gloves were bought in Beyond Retro, a second hand/vintage shop in Sweden, which I love vistiting when in Gothenburg. You cannot imagine how many dresses from the 70s I've found, in the style of Nicole Richie! I am so tired I could fall asleep on the keyboard, exams suck life out of me (I know most of you are having the same trouble at the moment).
Take care,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Vintage Party- The People

In case you missed it!
Lou, Me and Jenna.
Me, Helen and Christina (you should have seen their skirts!).
I -seriously- could not choose between all these pictures!
Don't forget to click on the other bloggers' names, they took many amazing pictures as well.
The headpiece I'm wearing deserves a post by itself, it is handmade by TheanoG, just like every other minihat worn by the other girls (except for Lorelai's one, she is handy and imaginative by herself).
I am gonna dedicate the next post to the outfit of the party!
I have to study. I am sitting a f#@&*!g exam tomorrow morning. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Don't You...

...combine two kinds of stripes?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Afternoon Party

Saturday 29/01/2011
16:00 (...and on!)
Barrister, Φράγκων 3

If you happen to be in Thessaloniki this Saturday, come and join us.
We're gonna have an absolutely amazing time, just by turning back the fashion clock!
We would really love to see you, meet you, talk to you!  
Who is gonna be there?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Red Rock Obsession

Black Leather Jacket (older than me)
Levi's Self-Customized Jean Jacket
H&M T-Shirt
JC Men's Belt
Zara Trousers
Kem Purse
Jessica Simpson Peep Toes

I had a boyfriend once who told me I'd never succeed,
never be nominated for a Grammy, never have a hit song, and that he hoped
I'd fail. I said to him: 
Someday, when we're not together, you won't be able to 
order a cup of coffee at the fuckin' deli without hearing or seeing me.
Lady Gaga                           

Good evening lovelies! I read that Lady Gaga quote today and I wanted to share it with you. It's a reminder for everybody; stay away from people that belittle your ambitions and stick close to the ones that can take you a bit further. With a spark of talent and some stroke of luck , even the craziest dreams can be true. Love you all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Style Matters: Top 6 Disastrous Details

If fashion was a religion, those would be the six sins of style:
1.Shiny Tights: Tights can be the trickiest part when dressing up.Most women mistakenly underestimate its contribution to a spotless look and go for the cheapest choice; as an outcome SHINY, NYLON-COVERED LEGS EVERYWHERE! No matter how much your dress costs, if the pantyhose is cheap, be sure, it will show. Solution: I do not recommend Wolfords, they're insanely expensive (and when you wear tights you know in advance that they will get destroyed, sooner or later). Just go to an underwear shop, ask the assistant for some help and when you find the right pair, stock up!
2.Poor Quality Hair Extensions: Extra hair is OK, but only if you intend to spend a respectable amount of money in order to get it. Plus, you need the precious help of a professional to make the fuss of finding the perfect color/quality match for you. You cannot save on that, unless you like Barbie quality hair.
3.Clear Bra Straps: I don't know what to say, I don't know what the inventor was thinking, I want to forget that I was -proudly- wearing those in my sweet 13 years of age (I bet I was just happy to wear a bra, please forget that I mentioned that shameful fact about me), and some women continue that massacre of style. JUST STOP THE MADNESS!
4.Acrylic Nails: They belong to the 90s.That's it. They are just tacky (the longer, the worse). And they look cheap, they did even when Victoria Beckham had them on. Go for the simple way, with a thorough manicure all hands can look good. Pick any color you want, even the freakiest one. Just stay away from those, they are not Vogue-ish at all!
5. Underwear Showing: I bet nobody wants the world to know his/her prefered kind of panties. Seamless ones are the cornerstone of every stylish underwear drawer. I swear by them, too.
6. Muffin Look: When you feel fuller than usual just stay away from your tight jeans. Lovehandles are great, curvy women too, but if you went up a size through holidays, prefer size 30 instead of your usual 29. You will look -and feel- better. When you lose that extra weight, go back to your old jeans. (Tip: buy 1-2 pairs of jeggings, they are the absolute solution to PMS tummy). The last picture is what I call "builder's back". I intentionally avoid commenting on it. Nothing more self-humiliating.

Agree, disagree and add more! Can't wait to hear your opinions.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Don't You...

...wear your skinny belts as wristbands?

PS: The "Why Don't You" is a new column in Style Nirvana, where we can share some style tips, little details to spice up our outfits that is. I've got plenty of them on my mind, but feel free to share yours as well!

PS2: I am down with the terrible, after X-mas, flu. Vitamin C is the answer, I know!

Love you all!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Burlesque New Year's Eve

Red satin Corset by Burlesque
Black Harem Pants
Black Slingback Pumps

Happy New Year lovelies!
I wanted the first post of 2011 to be artistic and glamorous, and my sister did a great job with the pictures!
Yesterday night I wore that red satin corset, bought in a grunge shop in Sweden, last August. I love the way it shapes a woman's figure (BUT it has the structure of an original, Renaissance corset so, believe me, I could barely breathe).

Last Year was a precious one to me. No matter the hardships (come on, we are all human after all, nobody can be happy all the time), I had many amazing new experiences, I learned so many new things and above all, I met you. No matter if I know you in person or via cyber texting, your presence keeps me going on. I wish the New Year will give you a different reason to feel blessed every single day. 

All I want to share with you is a saying that a good friend of mine told me yesterday:
God gave burdens, also shoulders.

Love you all!
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