Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goteborg: Day 1

leggings and sweater by vero moda, dkny boots, longchamp purse
Here I am, enjoying my Christmas holidays at my parents' place in Goteborg, Sweden. A lot of things changed since my last outfit post (longer hair, less weight, new life), but -no matter my long absence- I still love blogging; I have new perceptions about style and fashion, though, thinking in a more mature way. I had a terrible flight -15 hours of delay-, but everything seemed right by the time I stepped in my parents' home. I have so many things to share, and I am gonna be a regular blogger at least during my Christmas break, promise.
Enjoy your holidays guys, can't wait to hear from you!
Merry Christmas,


Sylwia said...

great outfit!! it must be very comfy & cosy :)

merry christmas!

Mary said...

Awesome boots! I hope you had a great Xmas!


i love your look!

DesignedByName said...

Cute everyday outfit
Merry Christmas

Ugly Duckling said...

You look great! I'm looking forward to you being a regular blogger :)

Merry Christmas, I hope you've had a lovely day!


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Call me M said...

Ax poso zilevw pou eisai Souidia!
Kala na peraseis stis diakopes sou! Elpizw na perases iperoxa Xristougenna!

Reaction said...

We missed you!I love this loose sweater ;)

Froso M. said...

Thank you sweethearts, I've missed you too!!!


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