Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hometown Glory

isolde skirt (worn as a dress), asos shoes, vintage belt, chanel earrings

I've been walking in the same way as I did
Missing out the cracks in the pavement
And tutting my heel and strutting my feet
"Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I can call?"
"Noone and thank you, please Madam. I ain't lost, just wandering"

Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I've met
Are the wonders of my world
    Adele , Hometown Glory         
Just strolling around my hometown with a camera, planning small escapes with wonderful people, laughing and relaxing. Oh, and I've started working out again. I'll catch up with my tan this weekend, have fun guys and save your troubles for the winter. You know I love to hear from you.

Big kiss!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sudocrem Skin Cream

I really enjoy being pampered, I love collecting dozens of colorful tubes and I am such a sucker for beautiful scents; I would never call my self a beauty blogger though, as soon as I stick to my make up routines, keeping it simple all the way. BUT, concerning skincare, I can call myself an expert.

I was recently sent 3 tubes of Sudocrem skin care cream (yes, the one used for nappy rash by mothers all around the world). In a first glance, the tubes were small in size, handy and the texture was REALLY rich.

The company claims that Sudocrem protects against irritants, moisturizes and helps to remove blemishes; all in all, a miracle for the delicate skin. After using it for a week, I have to say that it is the best moisturizer after a long day at the beach, as my flaky nose turned back into normal after a use or two! Its low price (almost 3e) has nothing to do with its superior quality, not to mention the duration (you have to use such a little quantity to do the job). So, I tucked one sample in my bag and I gave the others to my mum and sister. I think I'll stick with it, after all, Cheryl Cole swears by the product, why not me?

PS: Take a look to Sudocrem Bagology Facebook Appan App developed with a leading psychologist who has related the type of bag you carry to your personality traits. It’s fun and fascinating! Simply select your preferred bag ‘type’ and see what it says about you. 

Let me know your opinion!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi, Here I Come!

ichi dress, exe shoes, dolce & gabbana sunglasses, louis vuitton purse
I just came back from a wonderful/ rejuvenating break by the sea, and I think that I got the most intense tan I ever had! Happy, relaxed and fresh I am getting ready for Wednesday's concert in Athens and I couldn't be more excited about watching Bon Jovi live! Tomorrow I am having a stop in Larisa and then OAKA stadium, here we come!!!  
Which is your favorite Bon Jovi song at the moment?
(Dirty Little Secret is mine)

Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY: Studded Love

Concerning DIY projects, I have a rather obvious obsession with studs and safety pins (I guess you can tell by yourselves). This studded beauty will surely be one of my wardrobe crushes for the next months to come.

I am not going to apologize for being such a bad blogger, because I am going through one of the most chaotic phases of my life (changes are twirling all around me). Of course, chaotic does not always have negative connotations, but still...  I am working on it, and I am ready to start photoshooting again.

Love you all, 

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