Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mar Adentro

tank trousers and hat by zara, balenciaga purse, dior shades, asos rings, mum's sandals
Summer mood is on, at least for me, as I have only 1 more lesson to go and then I am free as a bird. I got a tan (please, I am Nicole Kidman white, THIS IS A TAN!!!), I got some new bikinis, I am in the best mood  ever and in 2 weeks time, I guess, I have to start searching for my graduation dress. Isn't it great? The blogging world smells like sunscreen;  it's time to relax, life is wonderful, isn't it? Sometimes, all you need is a walk by the sea, that's a secret you have to know.
Love you,


Christina Wonsbeck said...

summer is the best time in the year! love your outfit :)

Call me M said...

Iperoxo outfit Frosw!
Mou aresei poli to foux panteloni sou, kai oi fwtografies dipla sti thalassa! Ti omorfi pou einai i Thessaloniki mas! :)
Ontws fainetai na mavrises, se katalavainw giati kai egw eimai kataspri, kai kaneis den to katalavainei otan mavrizw...
Elpizw ola na sou pane kala, kai na orkisteis sintoma!

Gloss of fashion said...

Bellissime le foto e i pants!:D

Passa a trovarci!


Demisdays said...

Love your hat and those awesome pink pants! great styling

Inspiration partout said...

Nice outfit!I really like the sandals!

BlueVanilla said...

Love the hot pink pants!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Emelia said...

Το καπέλο είναι υπέροχο... Θέλω κι εγώ ένα άσπρο fedora!

cristina said...

Fantásticos los pantalones!!

TeenageDirtbag said...

Beautiful pics! Love your pants :).

Yajaira said...

love the glasses
and the color of the jeans

Sharan said...

Love the summer mood! And of course love those sandals!

Mairyliscious said...

ouaou !!!!

itsJeyJey said...

Thank you so much for your comment :))
I really love these pics and your blog! I'm following you now <3
If you want to follow me too: http://itsjeyjey.blogspot.com

Despina said...

thanks gia t comment :) agapw t fouksia panteloni s k t kitrina sandalia!super kalokairina xrwmata ;)

Penny said...

summerish mood!i love the hat! :)
ps)thanx for the comment girl!

Audrey Moore♥ said...

thanks for your coment :)
your photos are fantastic too ^^
i follor you!

fashionable.gr said...

fovero to kapelaki k ta sandalia sou ta latrepsa....!!!an thes pes m tin gnomi sou g to blog m!!!filakia...;)

GretchTM said...

You look great. I adore your hat!

kaitlin monroe said...

love this!
amazing blog dear

vanda said...

Geia sou Froso!!! Thanks for your comment! Eisai mia koukla! xaxa! Gelasa me to tan a la nikole Kidman! Ego eimai poli aspri, oxi esi!!!
To blog einai poli oraio, kai ta outfits sou! Ma eseis stin Thessaloniki fimizeste apo tin kompsotita & omorfia!
I am following you! Filia apo Kriti!

caramellitsa said...

πολυ τελειο το outfit σου!!! μαρεσει που εισαι διπλα στη θαλασσα ,μενω στον πειραια και δεν μπορω να ζησω χωρις το νερο!! χιχι
το blog σου ειναι υπεροχο κ εννοειται οτι εγινα αναγνωστρια κ εισαι στη λιστα μου :DD
σε ευχαριστω πολυ για το σχολιο σου!!

καλο σαββατοκυριακο!!

alice.piano said...

love yellow sandals!

LiezyL said...

love the color of your pants!

Angelina said...

vlepontas ta 2 teleutaia posts partirw oti sou pane trela ta xrwmata! Theaaa!

♥ joei said...

Thanks for the visit (and sorry for my late visit ;)). Anyway, love your blog! Follow each other?

Definitely, Maybe

Argyro said...

u got it right! Καλό καλοκαίρι κ επίσημα πια!!! =)

Miksu said...

WOW amazing photos! Especially the first one, I think it's a strong photo :) I just love it.


Froso M. said...

Love you girls, thanks a lot!

Je suis Sophie said...

love the trousers and the sandals!

x Je suis Sophie

Cee Harvey said...

Love this look!
you look great!
lovely blog
thanks for stopping by mine and commenting x

Matina said...

omg how amazing!!!! http://livingwithstyle-matina.blogspot.com

Jayme and Mendi said...

Great photos and love your outfit! The hat ties the outfit together.
We are now following you and would love for you to follow is us back if you like.

Jayme & Mendi

lasophia said...

AHH! I love that hat on you! It makes me want to wear hats and walk by the sea.


Dimitri Zafiriou said...

you already know that i enjoy your blog and i love your fresh style Froso..you are adorable...and also you make me miss Thessaloniki..you look fabulous on these summer photos..

Froso M. said...

I have to find a new word for "thank you". You are amazing!

vnikali said...

lovely post!
thanks for coming by
check out my new post if u have time:)

xlpharmacy said...

wow you look so sexy on the beach, I wish I could be there, I would recite a poem to you in Spanish since I saw your post title in Spanish, so the poem would go like this:

"Froso, mi dulce y hermosa Froso♥, quisiera estar detrás ti y en tus petacas te la roso,
te agarraría por detrás y te daría un abrazo de oso,
te tiraría al suelo y en el césped te la empozo,
Oh mi hermosa Froso♥..."

that is what I have written so far, do you like it?

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