Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Saturday

Plaid Shirt Vero Moda
Junk Food T-Shirt
Seven Jeans
Brown Leather Jacket
Suede Boots
Karen Millen Purse
I just got home, after 5 relaxing days in my hometown. 3 out of  those days, it was raining cats and dogs, so when I found the right chance on Saturday I had to take some outdoor outfit pictures! 

I have to clean this house. After last night, I feel like a total wreck. All these days I have eaten literally everything. My head is in pain. In some days my best friend is joining the army. I am sad. I am sleepy. Show some sympathy. Love you all, I really wanna read your comments tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

At The Mall

Ray-Ban Shades
Torned Levi's Jean Jacket (customized by me)
White Tee
Zara Fur Waistcoat (kids department)
Vero Moda Khaki Jeggings
Studded Flats
Dad's Watch
When it comes to shopping, I think without limitations. Experience (and endless hours of watching Sex and the City) has taught me that when you love personal expression and style, you can manage to combine ridiculously expensive designer pieces with really cheap deals and look like a fashion goddess. Personally, I like to discover little fashion treasures from any departement, such as that fabulous mongolian-like waistcoat, bought from the Zara kids departement (if you are one of those blessed normal sized girls, that place has always something good to surprise you) . I also like to shop from the H&M boys' departement (perfect Tees) and, of course, from Men's departement for perfect hoodies, Tees and loose fitting jeans.

I would love to hear your opinion about those departements, come on, hit me!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Just A Relaxing Sunday

Gap Hoodie
White Tank
Jean Leggings
White All-Stars
Aren't there some days that you feel really bored to dress up? Well, that was one of those "tired" days; candy and good friends were the solution to the problem. As I am posting those lazy pictures, I am making a supermarket list, I try to organize my homework for the morning lesson, I'm downloading some songs, I am cooking a soup and I am planning to have a shower. Love you all, have a nice week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick post to keep you updated, as I am leaving for the weekend to my hometown! Today I think I've been walking for miles, as I 've been downtown for 9 hours or so; right now I have to do my suitcase, catch the bus and go home, where my mum will pamper me for good! We have a family reunion, as my dad is back from Sweden, and he will stay for a month (yay, for the presents!). Oh, and I did a lot of shoe shopping these days, probably I will post the "new in" as soon as I have time. Mwah!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Love

My Really Old Leather Jacket
Beatles T-Shirt by Cubus
Vila Cardigan
H&M Electric Blue Jeggings
Diesel Purse
Hello lovelies! Today I feel quite exhausted, as my day began at 6 sharp,  I've been at the University for over 9 hours, it's been raining and the other day I've lost my umbrella, my hair turned crazy and I ate much stupid and greasy carbs. 
About the pictures, this was my last day at Sweden, so excuse my face condition (that's what happens when you don't sleep for more than 3 days). I know I look sad and tired, but I love those leggings and I wanted to share those pictures of my short affair with the Haribo Bear with you!

PS: I wanna thank Stavroula for her lovely award,  thank you sweetheart, love you! Visit her amazing blog.

Love you all, thanks to your positive vibes I didn't fell sick the other time!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Before & After The Hairdresser

Shorts & Top by Vila
Actually, I went for a really simple look that time, as my travel to Sweden was coming to an end (maybe you can sense the sad face behind those big shades), and I was not in the mood of getting dressed up. An Arab guy trimmed my edges and plucked my eyebrows with a thread (if you haven't tried it, please do ladies!), and it was really weird, as I never let any kind of man to mess with my beauty routines. 

I feel kind of sick today, I hope I will not be ill tommorow. 
Send me a cyber hug and loads of positive energy! Mwaaaah!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Things I Love

Villa Leather Jacket
Villa Scoop Neck Top
Floral Leggings
Geox Flats
Marc By Marc Jacobs Purse
Geeky Glasses
Better late than never, I have another request I want to respond to, as I've been tagged by the ginger Helen, from Le Noeud Rose, and my beloved Stavroula, from Drugstore & Bargain Lover to mention 10 things that I love. Here we go:
  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. New experiences
  4. Blogging
  5. Travelling
  6. Learning new things
  7. Meeting new people
  8. Fashion
  9. Being independant
  10. Your comments
Now, your turn! Which are those 10 things that you love? 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wear Vintage Lookbook- The Samples

Just a sneak peek from the Wear Vintage photoshoot. Meet the rest of the stylish gang:
Alexander from  Obsession In Vogue
Eleni from Le Noeud Rose
Lou from Urbanism 2310
 Lorelai from Lorelai's Things

The photos were endless (thanks to our super-talented photographer, Konstantinos), so I had to choose some representative samples. For more, you may check the Wear Vintage Lookbook in a few days, and -of course- do not forget to click on the rest of the fashion-bloggers!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Interview With Anthi Provatari (Wear Vintage)

What is the definition of vintage? 
Vintage are many things, there is no actual definition. In order for something to be vintage, it needs to be 20 years old. Vintage is fun, nostalgic, classic, stylish, ecological, authentic. When you buy vintage, one thing you know for sure, that it will never go out of season, because fashion always looks back when it comes to ‘new’ trends. In many occasions vintage means it is old and has been pre-worn. Wearing vintage gives you the chance to re-live a part of history. 

How would you describe people’s attitudes towards vintage shopping?
Vintage shopping is new in Greece but in many countries is a major way of shopping. One reason we wanted to open a vintage shop in Greece, was because we wanted to give a different and inspiring way of shopping besides the already known. At first people were suspicious of vintage and had a certain attitude towards it, like its second-hand, old, smelly and also that is only a new trend. Vintage is not a new trend, it was here before us and still is. Due to the publicity that has now been given to vintage in Greece, people who didn’t know about it, they do now and they are more open and interested in finding a vintage treasure.

Has the economy changed shopping mentality?
Of course the economy has changed the shopping mentality. And as an optimistic that I am, I believe that it has changed them in a good way. People now have 2 things in mind when they go shopping 1) do I need it, and 2) the value-price. With this new attitude which is more value and price oriented, people are seeking for more authentic, economical pieces, that will last for long time. Which is why vintage shopping will benefit from this, because when buying vintage you know that every item is unique and you’ll be the only one wearing it. Moreover it is affordable and if you treat it gently it will last you forever. 

The pieces in Wear Vintage are coming from various decades which decade is your favourite and what intrigues you the most about it?
Yes in Wear Vintage we represent different decades like 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and some of 50s.
My favourite decade for years used to be the 80s, as I was born in the decade, and I love the music and the colourful and dynamic clothes. But lately I found myself being intrigued by the 50s, I love the feminine and chic style, the girly dresses and matchy accessories.

Are you a vintage clothing collector yourself? What is your favourite piece?
Oh yes I am, and a proud one, there are my little treasures. My vintage collection started from an early age, when I was hiding in my mothers closet trying to find one of a kind pieces that I would incorporate to my style. My favourite piece used to be my mom’s black corduroy coat that was a gift to her by her uncle in a trip to Paris, but unfortunately it had a bad ending (stolen). Now my new favourite piece is again something I got from my mom and its a black leather clutch from Venice.

Where do you get the clothing from?
Our hand-picked vintage collection in the shop comes from our trips to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp and London. In the near future we plan to travel to Paris, Milan and many more places.

Hit us with some vintage shopping tips.
If you are new in vintage, I would advise you to start with something small, like a bag, scarf etc and incorporate it to your style. It’s always preferable to mix and match modern with vintage pieces, never dress from head to toe in vintage, people will think you are wearing a costume.
Take good care of your vintage because, if they lasted for so long it means they will be here for longer. For more information and style tips on vintage go to our website and download our Vintage Essentials Guideline, it will help you get started!

What is next for Wear Vintage?
Besides the bazaars we have every month in the shop, we plan a major party for all the vintage lovers! We also want to expand our collection and have men’s collection as well. 

Thank you Anthi, you are amazing!

You can visit the on-line Wear Vintage shop HERE

(The pictures were taken yesterday, at the Wear Vintage Bazaar. Except for Anthi and me, you can also see the fabulous Lorelai, and the amazing Alexander, two of the fashion bloggers that took part in the photoshoot- wait for the next post)
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