Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Abroad

Pepe Shirt
Bik-Bok Waistbelt
Mango Plaid Skirt
Miu Miu Sunglasses
Handmade Ring
Zara Shoes
Monki Purse
Let me introduce you the newest member of our family, Boukitsa (her name means Tiny Bite in Greek), our little bunny that lives with us for almost a  month. She is so cute and fluffy, I could cuddle her all day long. Too bad I have to leave her for such a long time, I already feel guilty.

Right now, I am going to meet some of my friends, and then the worst part of travelling: I have to finally organise my suitcase, I think I am having a nightmare guys. Tommorow afternoon I am flying to Gothemburg and I couldn't be more excited about that! When in Sweden, I will try to have one or maybe two posts per week, in order to keep you updated! 

Love you all guys, I will be coming back with a suitcase full of new ideas and inspiration! Be there.
Many kisses and cyber hugs,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Favorite Frill Dress

Vila Dress
Dolce&Gabbana Sunglasses
Tsakiris Mallas Shoes
H&M Butterfly Ring
Karen Millen Purse
Today I got up early and went out in order to do some last minute present shopping for my friends and family in Sweden. Tonight I am gonna start packing, as my bedroom looks like a mess. You can see nothing but piles of clothes, accessories, books and every kind of shopping bag. I already started feeling anxious about leaving home- actually my mother helps a lot in that, with her sad face going around me all he time (typicall Greek mum!). Never mind, she will get over it, she is a strong girl! Someday I may post some pictures of us together, she looks really amazing (and she is 2 sizes smaller than me, for God's sake!).

A big thank you note for all those kind comments, I appreciate your feedback and I always take it into serious consideration!

Love you all, 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy Day, White Font

Η&Μ Against Aids Top
Vintage Belt
American Apparel Leggings
H&M Earrings
Jessica Simpson Shoes
Gold Bra by Med
I just got back from Thessaloniki. I was there just for 3 hours, but I really enjoyed my flash excursion to the center of the city. I had to take some things from home and -as a genuine shopaholic- check out what was on the market. I finally managed to control myself and not to buy a thing (except for a memory card for my camera, but thechnology stuff are not considered as shopping), despite the amazing offers. I told myself ''You will find amazing things in Sweden, think smart'', so I feel quite proud. I feel so tired, I am ready to hug my bed and stay there until tomorrow morning, when I have so many things to do! Plus, I am wearing heels every day and I already think that my feet hate me. When in Sweden I prefer wearing flats, so that I will be able to walk for miles, without complaining to my friends!

PS: The cropped jean jacket in the picture used to be a long one many years ago, but I decided to crop it and use it as a summer cover up. My theory is that you can never go wrong when you buy quality jean pieces, they always get better with time, plus they are so easy to be transformed into something new.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Like It Hot

Ray-Ban Aviators/ Dior Glossy Shades
Zara T-shirt
Vintage Suede Waistcoat
Green Jeans Villa
Jessica Simpson Shoes
Wooden Bangles
I am spending my free time going out with friends and relatives, photo shooting and trying to keep in touch with my favorite blogs (believe me, they are too many!). I love traveling, but it always feels a bit hard to stay away from your beloved ones. Plus, what I hate the most about going abroad is packing my suitcase. It just pisses me off trying to predetermine my outfits. Not to mention that every single time I return home I have to take care of the overweight (last year, I got back from Sweden with 12kg overweight and an 18kg hand baggage, plus my large LV purse was 4kg, and thank God for my Wonder Woman Aunt, I achieved not to pay a penny). Do you have any tips for smart packing? That would be helpful.

Love you all,

PS: I couldn't decide on the sunglasses, that is why I am wearing two pairs. My sister insisted that the Ray-Bans were far better, but I like both. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey Sailor!

Bershka Top
Zara Shorts
JC Rope Necklace
Ray-Ban Aviators
Karen Millen Purse
Tory Burch Flats
Hello again! I am really happy to be able to post daily, at least for that week. It is about time to reveal my summer plans: next Monday I am flying to Sweden, where my father lives and works. Like last summer, I will stay in Gothenburg for 5 or 6 weeks, and I am really excited about that (I am not a huge fan of burning temperatures). Last year I met a bunch of great people from all around the world, we were visiting amazing places and I got a great deal of style inspiration, by people-watching. I am ready to get an updated style perspective this year too, and search for little fashion treasures in some great places I have discovered the previous years. I have to admit that my heart is kind of divided, because I already miss my best friends and mum, and I don't wanna stay away from them for such a long time. I guess I will feel less guilty when I will reach at the airport. Oh, did I mention that I will visit London too? Hell, I am so excited!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Internet Detox

Villa Dress
I feel like it's been ages since my last post! 
Well, I really don't have a proper excuse for being absent for such a long time. After finishing my exams, I returned to my hometown and did nothing but spending my days in a jean and a white tank (plus, no make up on!), so, it was really impossible to do any kind of shooting. Next, I visited a friend of mine and spent 5 days at her summer house, near the sea. All day long I was wearing my bikini, it felt like paradise! Two days ago I returned home. 

I had no Internet access for almost two weeks, and that detox made my hands shaking. These days, I am shooting as much as I can in order to have a new post almost every day. 

People get lazy at summer and so did I. But, seriously guys, I missed you THAT much!
Any plans for the summer? 

PS: A big thanks to  my lovely girls, the fabulous beauty blogger Irene from BlushingLoves and the sweet Maddie from Wardrobe Recycle  for featuring me in their blogs. Love you girls!
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