Friday, May 28, 2010

"Hi, my name is Denim and I am 10 years old!"

Levi's Jean Jacket
Zara Top
Miss Sixty Jeans
Lacoste Shoes
Luis Vuitton Purse
Good morning lovelies! Just a quick post today, as I am heading off to school in half an hour and I haven't even put my make up on yet! This is the jean jacket which is my favorite piece of my wardrobe, I have it ever since I was 12 years old (that means I am at the same size since then, I guess :D), and 3 years ago I decided to make it look a bit more distressed, by ripping it off! I always love putting my own mark on my clothes, in order for them to be unique. 

Love you all guys, 
great news are on the way!

Question: What is the oldest piece of your wardrobe, that you still enjoy wearing?

Monday, May 24, 2010

H&M Against Aids Tribal Necklace

Stradivarius Cropped Jacket
H&M Against Aids African Necklace
White Vest
JLo Jeans
Wooden Bangles
Jessica Simpson Pumps
Carrera Sunglasses
Last week I've been tagged by one of my beloved beauty bloggers, Vaida, to answer the following 12 questions, so, here we go:

  1. What shoe size are you? I am a EU 38.5
  2. Where do you work? I study English Literature and Culture at the University of Thessaloniki, I work at the library of the faculty, and I am translating a book. Yeap, I am a busy girl.
  3. Favorite piece of clothing you own? A Levi's jean jacket, individualized by me. I have it ever since I was 12 years old and it carries a long history. You'll see it in my next post.
  4. Your favorite blog? It changes every single then. But I have enough love for everybody!
  5. Do you have any pets? No, but I'd love to.
  6. How many siblings do you have? A younger sister, Sandra. 
  7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Milan, without a doubt!
  8. What were you doing before this? Defrosting my refrigerator. 
  9. Your favorite food? Oh, I love pasta combined with anything, plus fresh fish, yummy!
  10. Do you have a middle name? No, but my full name is Effrosini.
  11. Your favorite websites? I am in love with and I am not a member yet!
  12. Who do you tag? Consider yourselves tagged guys, I would love to read your answers!

I would like to send a big thank you note to Niki, for sending me all those wonderful stuff, made by her talented hands. Thank you sweetheart, as long as I will have time I will post some looks too! You can check out her designs here.

PS1: Sorry for being a bad blogger lately, I have no free time at all, exams are on the way.
PS2: The necklace I'm wearing is a piece of the H&M campaign against Aids, which I loved, I bought some other things too, so stay tuned! Did you get anything too? I'm curious!

PS3: Can you suggest me a good camera, I can carry in my purse, easy to use and able to do a great job concerning blog pictures? That would be a great help.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Strange Facts About Me

My Sister's Jacket
Amplified Tee
Paul Frank Jeans
Diesel Purse
Black All-stars

It's been a little bit cold lately, so I went for a really cozy look. Actually, this is the way I like to get dressed in my everyday life. And, as I have mentioned before, Amplified Tees are my daily obsession.

A week ago, I have been tagged by my beloved Pink Fish, who started her beauty blog (which I love), to receive an award and write down 5 random facts about me. Thank you honey, you are amazing! 

So, to make things more saucy, I decided to write 5 strange facts about me. Here we go:
  1. I hate birthday parties. Especially mine. I don't know why, but that day usually sucks (I enjoy birthday wishes, though).
  2. I never buy the same perfume for a second time, I may love it but after a while it gives me nausea. That is why I use my signature scent rarely. For everyday use, the billions of samples I have do the work.
  3. I can spend the rest of my life wearing jeans and white tanks.
  4. My I-pod seems to belong to a real freak, as it contains from Beethoven to Disney, and from Rolling Stones to Aliki Vougiouklaki (Greeks will understand).
  5. I like eating bakery stuff when they are not baked yet (especially cake dough).
Now, I am dying to learn some strange facts about you! Come on and don't be shy! Hit it.

Until the next post lovelies!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cute As A Button DIY Tee

Grey Leather Jacket
DIY Button Tee
Jean Shorts
Louis Vuitton Belt
Jessica Simpson Shoes
Monki Bag
Ring and Bangle by H&M
Good evening everybody!
Today I decided to do nothing important at all. I plan to have a pleasant and relaxing time at home, that is beauty treatments, candles, magazines and fashion (oh, and a big bowl of ice-cream!). By tomorrow I have to start studying, exams are so close.

This is the simple and easy DIY project I was preparing. I still don't know how to stitch a button quickly and effectively, but thank God my super helpful grandma loves me so much! I find that T-shirt so fun and easy to do, try it and feel free to give me some extra propositions!

I had an amazing weekend with my friends, they are the best in the whole wide world. I hope you had a great time too, have a nice week and keep on smiling!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Froso In The Frame

Vintage Waistcoat
Gina Tricot Top
Fornarina Jeans
Studded Ballet Flats
Handmade Cocktail Ring
Monki Purse
Good evening my lovelies! Well, this may look strange but I accidentally erased my face picture from my camera (that happens when you lack a good sleep). I have no free time at all, this weekend I am gonna take some outfit pictures, be sure! Oh, and a really cute and easy DIY project is on the way, be there!

One more thing I want to share with you (actually, with those who really read what I am writing in my posts -it is ok if you don't-):Until now, none of my friends knows that I have a style blog (it's already been 6 months!), it's not that I am trying to hide it, it's just that I want to be relaxed and make a good start on my own. But I think that it is about time for them to learn. I am sure they will love it, because they know my passion for that thing called fashion.

I am really proud of the fact that I have met some incredible people through that blog, and I am sure that we could be friends if we knew each other in life. I learn things from them, I love their feedback and their comments make me smile, with some of them we are even "friends" in Facebook. You know who you are guys, a big hug from me! Love you all, anyway!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Fashion Dream Came True

On Friday night I met Patricia Field. When I talked to her, my hands were shaking. It was unbelievable, guys, I am gonna keep her words on my mind forever: "If you really want it, then DO IT". I have no more things to say, I was ready to start crying, that is the woman who shaped my sense of style. Love you, Pat!

PS: I really apologize for the lack of posts the last week, I have some serious trouble with my computer (it is almost dying) and I am trying to fix it. When you are a girl, some things are hard to deal with. Thanks for being there anyway, I am dying to visit you back, I will as soon as possible. At least I already backed up my work. Kisses!
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