Monday, March 29, 2010

Bow-Wow Ring

H&M Tank Top
Scarf from Sweden
Vero Moda Cardigan
JLo Grey Studded Jeans
Geox Ballerina Flats
Accessorize Ring
It's not that I've been a bad blogger on purpose, I just didn't have somebody to help me with picture taking (thank God my sister is a wonderful photographer!). The weather is amazing, and the spring atmosphere gives me a big smile! I really like outside pictures, so I am gonna take advantage of those great days! 

I was happy to find out that two lovely ladies gave me two more amazing blog awards! A big thanks to AH from the Confessions blog for giving me the Best Blog Award, and lots of cyber hugs to Alexandra from Alex's Wonderland for giving me the Sunshine Award (and of course for her really lovable comments). Blog awards always feel so good!

Someday I may do a post with some clown pictures that we use to take with my sis! 
Love you all, keep on commenting!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DIY: Safety Pins Top

What I love in styling is creativity. The whole process of creating something unique, according to your imagination and style, has always amazed me. Ever since I was 5 years old, when I personally asked my mother to help me rip off my jeans. Since then, when I am bored of my old clothes, I come up with many ideas to use them again , and to individualize them in accordance to my personal taste.

  1. Choose a loose top (it can also be a sweater, a dress, a jean jacket, or whatever), so that your creation will not be destroyed when stretched.
  2. Buy plenty of safety pins, they are pretty cheap (you can also use a combination of gold and silver ones, or colorful, in many different sizes, depending on what you intend to create).
  3. Design the layout of what you imagined (I used a cd marker, you can also use a chalk or a piece of soap). It can be a word, a sign or something abstract.
  4. Start creating, it's so much fun!

I would L-O-V-E to see your creations! 
I'm waiting for your opinion, outfit pictures are about to come,
Many Kisses Darlings!

PS: A special thanks to those wonderful ladies, who gave me a huge excitement with their lovely awards, I swear, I love it when you express your appreciation to my blog! Don't forget to visit Alexa , Jezebel, and Joanna from Bittersweet Life, those girls are amazing. Love you all!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting For Spring

H&M Plaid Dress
Wow, guys, I loved your responses to the previous post! You made my I-pod full of amazing songs that help me to go on (gym is NOT an easy thing to do). That was an easy/relaxing weekend, I just stayed at home doing nothing (except for accompanying a stylish friend to some decoration shopping) I have so many things to do the next three days, I had to get some rest.

I am working on many amazing projects, Easter holidays are on the way so I will have more time to organize them. Be there! 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am In Love With That Scarf

 Patricia Field Scarf
Diesel Dress (it is older than me, I suppose)
Black Waist Belt
Red Rollini Slingbacks
Today is a wonderful day, but it is still a bit of cold. I can't wait for the spring days to come in order to take some outfit pictures outside home. I just came back from the gym, I am gonna take a bath and go to work, everything seems pretty nice to me when I have no spare time, when I do I am usually feeling awkward (total freak!). If you follow me on Twitter you must have seen that I got my camera back from service and it feels so good (one of my best friends almost destroyed the lens 3 months ago, what can I say, boys!).

A big thanks to Susana from Beneath The Glass, for giving me that amazing award, for me everytime is like the first time! Hugs, girl!
Many, many kisses, love you all!

P.S: I am creating an I-Pod play list for the gym, can you suggest any songs? Remember, NO sleepy songs, it is for the gym AND I love rock music.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girls Love Fashion Toys

I am an accessory junkie. They personalize every single outfit, the most of the times they are pretty cheap, they last much longer than clothes and they can cheer you up when you are down with the blues. As you can clearly see, I am a huge fan of bangles (I never realized that I had so many), and I generally love every little colorful detail, such as flower brooches, interesting rings, vintage watches and pearls. In the pictures above you can see some of my favorite pieces of a huge collection that lies in every little corner of my house. There was no chance to take a picture of them altogether, the photo would look like a mess! OMG, did you notice that I have NO earrings?

I spend much time discovering stylish bloggers from around the world (and there are so many!), so I have decided to feature some of them that really inspire me. For example, that stylish sweetheart, called StrawberryCocktail, is my first blog inspiration. Visit her blog and notice the way she uses accessories. I instantly fell in love with her unconditional way of combining them. Kisses girl!

Keep on being there, many great things are about to come, thanks to your comments and e-mails I am full of new ideas and projects, feel free to tell your opinion about anything.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Protect and Survive

Black Leather Jacket
H&M Men's T-Shirt
Villa Grey Knitted Cardigan
Longchamp Legende Bag
Patricia Field Silk Scarf
I absolutely love men clothes. Either they are stolen from a boyfriend's wardrobe, or they are bought, those garments give a power attitude to every woman. I love men jeans, instead of buying a "boyfriend-like" one, I usually get the ones that do not fit anymore to my friends, and  I personalize them. I also love men T-shirts (that one is a part of the H&M campaign against AIDS), accessories (especially hats, I have a rather big head for a woman and I am not afraid to tell!), shirts (remember Carrie, wearing Big's white shirt combined with that amazing Hermes belt?) and more. 

I am preparing many amazing projects for Style Nirvana, I need something more than just outfit posts. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me! Be there, best things are about to come.

Thanks for the support, 
lots of cyber hugs!

Monday, March 8, 2010

It Was Finally Cold

No.L.Ita Fur
Disney Couture T-Shirt
Black Leggings
Dolce&Gabbana Sunglasses (and Ray-Ban Aviators)

Hello everybody! I feel so bad for being such a slack lately, but I am desperately trying to put everything in an order. I am away from my cozy apartment more than ten hours a day, and when I am back I just want to have a bath and lay in bed. I have just finished cleaning up (that place looked like a barn lately) and I am having a cup of relaxing jasmine tea. It is time to respond to all those lovely comments!

A big "thank you" to the extremely beautiful Logan, who gave me that amazing award, I appreciate it so much! Many many kisses from me!

You are all wonderful, I deeply appreciate your feedback every single time. Keep on being there, the best things are about to come!

Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

AJ Trench coat
Mango Sweater
Zara Shorts
Toi&Moi Belt
Suede Boots

A big thanks to Fleur for giving me one more lovely award, now I have to mention ten things that make me happy (thanks girl, I am afraid I had nothing to write about today)! I have put them in a pretty random order, I have to say that I am a really happy person and I get excited by pretty small things.
  1. My family (I consider friends family as well)
  2. Bubble gum and candy (sour flavored)
  3. Reading your comments (I always appreciate your stylish feedback)
  4. Seeing new followers (it almost feels like having new friends)
  5. The first look at the new collections
  6. A cup of coffee combined with chatting with people I love
  7. A new purse (I love purses much more than shoes)
  8. Traveling
  9. Taking relaxing walks by the sea (corny, but it makes me feel sooo good!)
  10. A song I love, played suddenly on the radio
Now, your turn! What makes you happy? I love to read your responses!

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