Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too Much Information

First of all, we shall take a little break from the Sweden posts, as I have been tagged by 3 wonderful fellow bloggers, so here we go: the first tag was by my beloved Beauty Editor, the well known "What's in my purse" tag. Well, the content of my bag changes from day to day, but concerning today, that is all I've been carrying with me. Some of the things may look a bit odd to you, but it's me! Light magazines, many beauty stuff, a notebook to write down my thoughts and inspirations, tickets, socks (!), whatever! Plus, I almost always carry an umbrella and 2 pairs of sunglasses, but they are not present in the picture.
What is more, I have some a really nice piece of information to share with you: last Saturday, a bunch of bloggers teamed up with Wear Vintage, the first greek vintage on-line shop, to pose for the winter lookbook, in a real surrealistic concept. I'm sure you'll love the results, as we had a really fun time doing the whole thing; plus, it is always nice to meet people who share a true love for that thing called fashion. I'll post the results as soon as I get them, now just take a sneak peek from what is going to follow! In the picture above you can see me with the amazing Christina, in a picture taken by the fabulous Veronica.

The next two tags are following in my next posts, probably tomorrow night. I didn't want to make things really crowded there. 

PS1:What is the most unusual thing you carry in your purses? (Curious!!!)


Nadiye said...

Okay, love your post. So I am going to answer your question.
In my bag:

x Diary
x Moleskine
x Phone
x Ipod
X Pencil Case
x Mascara
x Vaseline
x protection for our monthly issues :P
x camera
x something to eat
x (school)books


Helen [In Elegance] said...

I always carry a mini sewing kit around with me. I get paranoid that a button might fall or a hole appear, or zip might break when I'm out and about.

Mairyliscious said...

uperoxo to periexomeno ths bag sou


I have a Spongebob-Never-Mind-Mini-Board-Game in my bag, just for the case that my daughter get bored when I'm out and about or sitting in a cafe with her. And I have a mini multifunction tool with pincers, turnscrew and such... not very female, isn't it? hahaha...
Much love, Shan


Lorelai● said...

avussos i gunaikia tsada pragmatika!!!!!!

Emmanouela said...

Very Useful Information, i would say!! Έγινα μέλος στο Wear Vintage! Τέλεια ιδέα, αλλά είδα ότι βρίσκεται Θεσ/νίκη. Μην μου πεις ότι τα events θα λαμβάνουν χώρα μόνο εκεί! Πολύ όμορφη η φωτογραφία σου και όλα όσα έχεις στην τσάντα σου τα βρίσκω χρήσιμα. Αν δεν αλλάζεις συχνά τσάντα, είναι οκ, αλλά αν κάθε μέρα φοράς διαφορετική, εκεί είναι το μπέρδεμα!! Καλό σου απόγευμα!!

katerina said...

can't wait to see the result of the photoshoot! Very innovative project here in Greece! Glad for this!

Panagiota said...

den nomizo oti exeis tipota periergo stin tsada sou!isws to pio periergo stin dikia mou tsada einai to xazaplast pou pada frodizw na adikatastisw..ok don't laugh..polles fores me xtupane ta paoutsia m ti na kano!perimeno tis orees fotos sas!elpizw na boresw na paw sto event tou wear vintage k na sa dw ekei! :)

Froso said...

@ Emmanouela: Nai, vrisketai sth Thessaloniki, alla ayto den se ephreazei katholou, kathws to on-line shop tous einai plhrws efodiasmeno kai ananewnetai diarkws!

I really love to read your answers, go on!

Niki Asimakidis said...

Agapo tin idea! Na fantasteis edo sti Souidia ta kaname auta prin xronia k tora einai ola uperbolika :(, but I enjoy seeing blogs develop in Greece kai euxomai na erthei kai to "big bang" stin Ellada suntoma :D

Xairomai para polu pou summeteixes sti fotografisi ^^ Kai einai ena bima mprosta gia tin Ellada ston xoro tou blogging!!! Ekana ena post gia to concept sas, euxomai na pate oles mprosta !

se filo <3

VeRo! said...

φάμπιουλουςςςςς!!!! χαχαχα
η τσάντα - μίνι μάρκετ! :P

Sanny said...

First of all, thank you for dropping by my blog! (: I really like your vintage inspired style, very inspirational! The most unusual thing in my bag would be my phone charger (have no idea how it got in there and I have no intention to take it out).

Have a wonderful one and keep blogging! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Emmanouela said...

Ναι βρε, το ξέρω ότι μέσω του Online shop μπορώ να παραγγείλω τα πάντα, αλλά επειδή λένε ότι διοργανώνονται κάποια events, λέω ότι είναι κρίμα να γίνονται όλα Θεσσαλονίκη. Τα φορέματα είναι σούπερ, αλλά ό,τι μου άρεσε πολύ, έχει πουληθεί. Σύντομα θα κάνω κάποια αγορά. Είδα και το βίντεο στα άλλα μπλογκς με την φωτογράφιση! Μπράβο σας!!

zizi bloom said...

Ωραίες φωτό!!!
Λοιπόν τι έχω συνήθως μες στην τσάντα μου:
6.νεσεσέρ με καλλυντικά
9.γυαλιά ηλίου

και μετά λέω ότι με πονάει η μέση μου!!! :D

Jessica said...

i love what's in your purse posts especially when people carry really quirky items (socks! ha!) the weirdest i probably carry is a psp- because i am awesome and to this day still love video games.

Froso said...

@ Emannouela: H alhtheia einai pws sto real shop exei ametrhta pragmata na diallekseis! Eyxaristoume poly gia ta yperoxa sou logia!

Thanks everybody, your responses were really juicy this time! Mwaaaaah!

Rakhshanda said...

Hey that's great stuff...I usually carry a lip balm, lip gloss, a compact, a camera, cell phone, 1 or 2 tissues bla bla bla...Great post and the pic is lovely. Nice blog!! Try checking out mine.

Natalia said...

χαχα--αναγνωριζω τα εισητρια του αστικου!:)
εγω σχεδον παντα εχω+1βιβλιο,1 σοκολατιτσα[για την υπογλυκαιμια..]+κατι μαλακες φλατ μπαλαρινες απο τη Berska για οταν δεν την παλευω αλλο με τα τακουνια...\

υ.γ. η αποπανω φωτογραφιση στο δασος ειναι α-παι-χτη!!!

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Mono egw leipw ap'tin tsanta sou kopelia!!! :p

Smouts!! :)

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