Monday, May 24, 2010

H&M Against Aids Tribal Necklace

Stradivarius Cropped Jacket
H&M Against Aids African Necklace
White Vest
JLo Jeans
Wooden Bangles
Jessica Simpson Pumps
Carrera Sunglasses
Last week I've been tagged by one of my beloved beauty bloggers, Vaida, to answer the following 12 questions, so, here we go:

  1. What shoe size are you? I am a EU 38.5
  2. Where do you work? I study English Literature and Culture at the University of Thessaloniki, I work at the library of the faculty, and I am translating a book. Yeap, I am a busy girl.
  3. Favorite piece of clothing you own? A Levi's jean jacket, individualized by me. I have it ever since I was 12 years old and it carries a long history. You'll see it in my next post.
  4. Your favorite blog? It changes every single then. But I have enough love for everybody!
  5. Do you have any pets? No, but I'd love to.
  6. How many siblings do you have? A younger sister, Sandra. 
  7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Milan, without a doubt!
  8. What were you doing before this? Defrosting my refrigerator. 
  9. Your favorite food? Oh, I love pasta combined with anything, plus fresh fish, yummy!
  10. Do you have a middle name? No, but my full name is Effrosini.
  11. Your favorite websites? I am in love with and I am not a member yet!
  12. Who do you tag? Consider yourselves tagged guys, I would love to read your answers!

I would like to send a big thank you note to Niki, for sending me all those wonderful stuff, made by her talented hands. Thank you sweetheart, as long as I will have time I will post some looks too! You can check out her designs here.

PS1: Sorry for being a bad blogger lately, I have no free time at all, exams are on the way.
PS2: The necklace I'm wearing is a piece of the H&M campaign against Aids, which I loved, I bought some other things too, so stay tuned! Did you get anything too? I'm curious!

PS3: Can you suggest me a good camera, I can carry in my purse, easy to use and able to do a great job concerning blog pictures? That would be a great help.


Minette said...

Great look, love the jacket and the necklace! Absolutely!


lovelyviolet5 said...

Great look and love the pumps!!You always look stunning!!Ohh!But I bet you know!Hugs!

λού said...

δηλαδή μένεις εδώ !!??χεχε

joanaddicted said...

teleio to kolieeee!!!! loipon gia thn camera, tha sou elega na pareis th nikon coolpix!! einai polu polu kalh. thn eixa ki egw mexri pou mou th eklepsan :-(
tha se volepsei polu!!! cheers!

meraldia said...

Perfect necklace! I love statement pieces!

Nechka said...

I adore that outfit.
Especially the trousers and bag. Beautiful.

Annie said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the necklace!!!
You are so beautiful! I wish i could visit you more often :D

Nica said...

the necklace is great! love it!
i also love your denim jacket!
great outfit!

Froso said...

@ Lou: Nai, menw Thessaloniki!
@ Joan: Exw thn Coolpix, alla mou vgazei synexeia provlhmata kai prepei na thn antikatasthsw! Thanks, anyway!

Thank you girls, you are always so sweet!

Niki Asimakidis said...

answering your question :P :
the KILLER HEELS are from H&M. They're nice but I'm thinking that they don't have skills in designing shoes (like other stores have..and besides.. H&M is not famous for its shoes but for its clothes), cause they really hurt after 2-3h, and I mean REALLY hurt xD

thanks gia to post omorfoula ;)

ath.teri said...

τέλειο κολιέεεε!!εγώ πήγα στα h&m στην Κολοκοτρώνη να πάρω δώρο στο αγόρι μου(Κωνσταντίνος:P) και δεν είδα αυτήν την campaign.. sniif..:(

ευχαριστώ πολύυ για τα comment σουυ!!

The Magic Drawers

madeleine said...

stylish. i like the shoes best.

Jonesy said...

I saw this in the store and loved it! it looks great on you.

Following your blog : ) please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope u follow too.

Beautygirl24 said...

You look fabulous. That necklace is incredible, what a statement! And for a good cause.

tina_mbc said...

That necklace is lovely, as well as pretty much everything from this collection, if only I had a H&M here...!!!


libys11 said...

that's a rad neckpieces!! i love your shoes as well, dear! :D

Rebecca Clairine said...

i love ur jacket ,
so much !


For The Fierce said...

I love the neutral colors goin' on, & your shades are siiick

post2.soo said...

Καλημέρα γλυκό Φροσάκι με το ωραίο ντύσιμο! Μου αρέσουν τα peep toe που φοράς, σου πάνε πολύ!

Fashion Butter said...

fabulous look and love that jacket!

Kelly said...

Poli mou aresei auto to ntisimo. Sou paei poli!
Sou esteila invitation gia to lookbook!!
Join the club!


.:JoaNNa:. said...

ooooh i love this look! amazing necklace! and im definitely digging the shades ;)

Joan said...

Hello! το κολιε ειναι τελειο! κ γω πηγα στα h&m στην ερμου..κ δεν ειχε τη συλλογη fashion againist aids... nice style! great shoes!

delilah said...

thanks for commenting and following my blog! here's the link for the legalize t-shirt!

but i'm not sure whether they ship it to greece!

i checked out the fashion against aids at h&m too but i couldn't find anything i liked! i didn't see the pieces i wanted...maybe they were all sold out! following your blog now :)

delilah @

Vaida said...

Wow you really are busy girl :) But you look gorgeous and i love your blog! :) Can't wait to see your jacket :)

Francesca C said...

I love the Necklace!

katerina said...


Alessia said...

Stylish comments for a stylish girl!Perfect necklace!!
As for the good camera,I suggest an Olympus one!Great prices and great quality at the same time!Hope you find what you're looking for!

Foteini said...

Frosoula des thn Canon IXus 980is, thn exei o bro mou kai einai fo-be-rh, vgazei apisteutes foto, poly kalos fakos kai polles fun leitourgies gia auto pou th 8eleis! kai einai kai mikri kai xwraei pantou!!!

egw phra fuji finepix alla einai huge de sthn proteinw!


Froso said...

Thank you girls, your comments are so delightful to read! I will check your propositions, and thanks for the lookbook invitations! Mwah!

Charada said...

Hi thanks for your coment :D I follow you, & your outfits are so cute!


Pingu said...

I deyteri fotografia einai just fabulous! To kolie einai to mono kommati apo to collection pou mou arese poly! K sou paei teleia! Filia

chloe said...

ah, i LOVE that necklace! im really interested in tribal & ethnic styles for the summer, what do you think? x

Zamri A. said...

Oooh, love those necklace. Very tribal indeed. I bought some pieces from H&M Fashion Against Aids as well, though for men it's not that much. =)

And thanks for following my blog! And now I'm following yours too! =)


sarper? said...

Τι λεγαμε για τα H&M? Ειδες? ;)

sugahspank! said...

canon ixus 95is thn phra proxthes kai einai gamw tis mixanes!!!!!

Froso said...

@ Chloe: Yes, tribal motifs + tanned skin= guaranteed success!

@ Sarper: Yes, agapame H&M!

Thanks for all those comments!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous necklace! Love how bold it is and it totally spices up your outfit!


Kayla Leigh said...

still waiting for the Fashion Against AIDS Festival Collection to hit Toronto! *sigh*

like the necklace. oh and check out my new spotlight: want to be next? on june 15th i will be showcasing my 10 favourite blogs as part of the "I Heart Blogs" event ♥ ♥ ♥

Natalia said...

great necklace!
very original!
+it reminds me of the necklace Carrie is wearing in Sex&the City II and a middle east lady is liking it, it looks kinda like that!
great photos [as always]
as for a photo camera, i would suggest anything from SONY, i think they make the best pictures
i bought one in pink+i m very satisfied [εχει πεσει κατω απειρες φορες+συνεχιζει 1χαρα!]
εισαι κουκλιτσα στις φωτο!

Froso said...

Thank u Girls!

@ Natalia: Afou exei pesei kai synexizei na doulevei, mallon tha thn protimisw! Polla polla filia!

annie markantonatou said...

great necklace!

Catita said...

you are so lucky you got the H&M necklace, its amazing!!

Torgeir said...

Hi! :D
Love your H&M Against Aids African Necklace!
Looking great!
Have a nice weekend!


Hr Johansen

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