Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Strange Facts About Me

My Sister's Jacket
Amplified Tee
Paul Frank Jeans
Diesel Purse
Black All-stars

It's been a little bit cold lately, so I went for a really cozy look. Actually, this is the way I like to get dressed in my everyday life. And, as I have mentioned before, Amplified Tees are my daily obsession.

A week ago, I have been tagged by my beloved Pink Fish, who started her beauty blog (which I love), to receive an award and write down 5 random facts about me. Thank you honey, you are amazing! 

So, to make things more saucy, I decided to write 5 strange facts about me. Here we go:
  1. I hate birthday parties. Especially mine. I don't know why, but that day usually sucks (I enjoy birthday wishes, though).
  2. I never buy the same perfume for a second time, I may love it but after a while it gives me nausea. That is why I use my signature scent rarely. For everyday use, the billions of samples I have do the work.
  3. I can spend the rest of my life wearing jeans and white tanks.
  4. My I-pod seems to belong to a real freak, as it contains from Beethoven to Disney, and from Rolling Stones to Aliki Vougiouklaki (Greeks will understand).
  5. I like eating bakery stuff when they are not baked yet (especially cake dough).
Now, I am dying to learn some strange facts about you! Come on and don't be shy! Hit it.

Until the next post lovelies!


katerina said...

I like the last one too! Especially the creme from milkpie! Oh I love it!


sarper? said...

i 2i pic na ginei amesws afisa
exei enan rock'n'roll aera \m/

CaCaNito© said...

I love the second Pic:)
you look great;)

ath.teri said...

Amazing tee:P

mm... five random things about me

1.I find maths totally unuseful like a unique science.
2. I dont know cycling
3. I am a total idiot in playing a musical instrument
4. When i was a younger I wanted to become a vet
5. Bathroom is my favourite place in tha whole house!
The Magic Drawers

ath.teri said...

as a unique science*

Bealerr said...

you look bootiful :)

i am afraid of dish water
i get nervous if i don't get a shower every morning
I like to paint my nails rainbow colours
i should be revising right now...


Froso said...

I really enjoy those comments, you guys are amazing!

bubbles said...

I hate pigeons. Don't know why, since I am a animal lover, but pigeons give me the creeps!

I collect tote bags and pens from everywhere I go.

I can't leave the house without my hand-cream.

I can drink coffee all day long and still be able to sleep at anytime and any place!!!

I talk to my plants...

geeee I am weird afterall! :p
cool comments, guys!!!

VaidaG said...

I agree with you about music.. I am like that also, i have EVERYTHING from oldies(like really really really old oldies) to disney songs and hard rock or recent hits... Variety is good! :)

Ok, so i can say one strange fact about me too! No matter how late i go to sleep, even if i come home after a party at 6 a.m. i am going to wake up at 9.15 a.m. i am like a a swiss quartz lol, and even if i am super tired, as much sleep as i got rill 9 is enough for me. I really hope that won't change in the future lol

Zoé said...

ahhaahah I totally agree with your no.5!! :D :D

Carlota said...

Crazy pictures!

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Great post and great photos. My strange facts
1. I'm scared of the dark. Seriously, I need my night light.
2. When leaving the house if I think "did I turn my hair straightners off" I have to go back and check I turned them off. Never yet have I left them on, but I still have to check.
3. That'll do for now.

Marimar Mat said...

Ι love this t-shirt!It matches with everything !

xoLauraox09 said...

Haha, love this post! :D


x x x x x

madeleine said...

yeah girl Aliki Vougiouklaki!!! LOVE!!!

Golden said...

Enjoyed reading this. I love wearing jeans and white tank tops too. :)

Lots of love,

For The Fierce said...

lol about the eating bakery food when its not baked! you crazy woman! <3

I love that jacket, & the matching red lipssss


Maddie said...

Love the jacket!

Strange fact about me:
I like to take really hot showers even in the summer:D

Kelly said...

I agree with the last one too.
I like soooo much eating uncooked cake.

post2.soo said...

Κοπελιά τις κάνω save τις φώτο ε!χιχι

Miss Caitlin S. said...

oh gosh yes about the dough!! Amazing, why is it always better uncooked? I don't get that. And who doesn't like birthday parties! :) That 2nd picture down of you is quite possibly the cutest/most bad ass thing ever.

chic in greek said...

I like 1,2 and 4 and I dont find them strange at all. Moreover, I can't understand why to use the same parfum for a second time when there are so many options (and so few time) in this life. A full personality doesnt need any kind of signature (scent, color, hair etc)

Froso said...

I have no words to describe how much I love learning those facts about you, that post is so funny! Keep on commenting you are great and you make me laugh! Also, I found some more people that hate B-day parties. Kisses honeys!

Vipera Lebetina said...

Cake dough is wonderful! Well, I also get bored in birthday parties, while everyone else is having so much fun!
Well, about my own I-pod, you will never find greek songs in there.. No way!
Your outfit is sooo cool!

Pink_Fish said...

you eat dough, huh? I eat it too, sometimes, ha has, isn't that freaky? No, it isn't, it isn't. Well, you asked for strange facts about us and...you'll have it sis! Here you go: 1. I blackmail my husband all the time to buy me all Hello Kitty accessories that stick in my mind (I'm such a bad person..)2. I'm afraid of clowns (laugh as much as you want to!) 3. I tend to forget everyday things, like where I have parked my car (I think I'm ageing...) 4.I make funny faces in my mirror and I laugh at myself 5. Like blogger bubble, I swim into an ocean of coffee everyday (filter coffee, of course) and I sleep like a little baby every night. I shared my strange ego, what do you think? Scream if you want to, lol!

jeune_premier said...

egw pantws exw to idio arwma edw k xronia....sima katatethen...!!!allwste thewrw oti gia ton antra exei simasia na afinei to stigma tou...

CC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CC said...

Yay for eating uncooked baked goods! :) (Yes, I say things like "baked goods" and no, I am not 90.)
Strange fact about me... hmm. Well, does the fact that I LOVE going to the mall and trying out all the super-high heels even though I'm not going to buy them count? :)

Tinja said...

You're cool, love the pics :) I change perfume often too. After I have used a bottle, i can't go back. If I happen to smell it let's say years later, it still reminds me of that time i used to wear it, and i don't want to live in the past. i enjoy new things :) ooohhh i love cake dough!

Froso said...

Hello Kitty, dough, high heels, perfumes, everybody seems to have a strange ego! Love you all!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Bahah my boyfriend does #5 as well! Loved your list! My iPod is the same way as well.. it just means we're well rounded people!

This Is Me said...

I'm sooo loving your outfit!
Ok, it's my turn now:

1. I very often talk to myself. And answer back.
2. I get crazy when I miss a line from a movie(even if I hate the movie).
3. I wake up in the middle of the night to smoke. I'm so addicted. And sooo dead.
4. I hate my birthday too.
5. I always have to cover my head when I'm in bed, with a sheet. Even in the middle of the summer. 8D

tina_mbc said...

Love the bag and tee! Cute rock outfit! :)


MaryWhitney said...

Haha pretty great post honey ;) Really love the tee -.-

Froso said...

@ This Is Me: OMG, I talk to myself too (and answer back) but I wrote about it in a previous post, and that is why I didn't mention it again, we rock!

Girls, you are amazing!

ANGELINA said...

I love these photos!
an akouges ta tragoudia pou exw sto i-pod mou 8a evlepes oti uparxoun k alloi an8rwpoi san esena..opote don't worry!!
oi paraxenies mas mas kanoun ksexwristous!!!

VaidaG said...

Hey, me again lol, i have something on my blog for you! :)

Natalia said...

ennoeis oti tros zumi???
[ola ta alla mou fanikan ok..]
a also, stis 10/6 na mi sus eyxitho???
love ur red jackets with this specific t-shirt print!!!
a strange thing about myself i think is that i cant bear the silence...i listen to music from the moment i wake up, while driving, walking and before falling asleep in my mp3..
look 4ward 4 ur next post!

Froso said...

@ Natalia: Nai, to migma gia to keik alla kai zymi (mhn koroideveis poly, to kanoun kai alloi!). Na mhn milhsw dhladh gia th skonh apo to zele... :D. Oson afora ta genethliamou, latrevw tis eyxes, kai xairomai na me thymountai, apla den mporw ton psyxanagkasmo, pws opwsdhpote prepei na kaneis party kai na peraseis teleia, agxwnomai... Filia koukla!

τα παπούτσια της Dorothy said...

I feel you on the i-pod thing, mine contains music for every taste too, Aliki included ;)

Sarah loves it all said...

I love your blog Froso! You've got great style. I'm totally following.

Melissa said...

great outfit, love it!
thanks for thr comment :)

.:JoaNNa:. said...

awesome tee!

2 random facts about me:
1. if i had to eat one kind of food for the rest of my life it would be potato ;)
2. i dream the strangest dreams! i could dream of people that i just meet on the street lol.


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

awww I have the same top as you-doing a post on it soon <3
love your blog, you look great


Sophie-Nicole. said...

love the t shirt soo cool! i love eating cake dough!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

haha, I am the same way with perfume, I get one and love it...but I wear it everyday and then I am so sick of it I don't finish the bottle. And even though I love fashion and clothes, jeans and white tee are my fav and is my go to outfit~! xoxo

Niki Asimakidis said...

omg I hate my own birthday party too :S Can't believe I found somebody out there that thinks the same (hahah!!) and the perfume thing, think I am the same.. now five things.. err.. let's give it a try

1.I love videogames, sitting at the moment and playing playstation 3. Not very girlish :P

2. I train karate and I totally hate it when guys try to measure strenght with a girl, because that not really the issue when defending yourself..

3.I don't like walking in heels, but as everybody do it...

4. Don't think I have many friends that care about me for real, which is annoying, is my own fault for even caring!

5. one day I want to have a house on a hill, in Greece, but far away from people.


Foteini said...

Hahaha! Very strange indeed! Plaka kanw my dear, u are gorgeous and I love your ipod list :P :P :P So original!

PS I also love eating the cake dough!!! Yummy!

Lots of kisses!

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I love that print :)

Froso said...

Love you all guys, it seems like we are a big fashion community with strange habits!

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

Beautiful icons...great sweetheart!!

The Starving Stylist said...

just like you, I hate my birthdays too. its something about it that I find a disliking to it minus the fact of the gift giving but i generally dislike it too.


givemefashionnow said...


i think im obsessed with your blog!
i for sure followed you!! please please follow my blog!


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