Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am In Love With That Scarf

 Patricia Field Scarf
Diesel Dress (it is older than me, I suppose)
Black Waist Belt
Red Rollini Slingbacks
Today is a wonderful day, but it is still a bit of cold. I can't wait for the spring days to come in order to take some outfit pictures outside home. I just came back from the gym, I am gonna take a bath and go to work, everything seems pretty nice to me when I have no spare time, when I do I am usually feeling awkward (total freak!). If you follow me on Twitter you must have seen that I got my camera back from service and it feels so good (one of my best friends almost destroyed the lens 3 months ago, what can I say, boys!).

A big thanks to Susana from Beneath The Glass, for giving me that amazing award, for me everytime is like the first time! Hugs, girl!
Many, many kisses, love you all!

P.S: I am creating an I-Pod play list for the gym, can you suggest any songs? Remember, NO sleepy songs, it is for the gym AND I love rock music.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

the scarf is cute! I'm always so excited when I get my camera back too :)

JustMe said...

very cute!

Pink_Fish said...

I love rock music too! So I suggest:
1. Jump-Van Halen
2. Pour some sugar on me-Def Leppard
3. Vertigo-U2
4. I love Rock n' Roll-Joan Jett
5. Everything from ZZ Top
6. Everything from AC/DC (kinda hard but you'll like it)
8. Sweet Child o' mine-Guns n' Roses
9. Welcome to the jungle-Guns n' Roses
10. Everything from the Stranglers
11. Everything from the Kinks

You can find all above mp3's in may resourses from the Internet. Enjoy! :)

Froso said...

Thank u girls!

@ Pink Fish: To 2 kai to 4 einai ta agaphmena mou, eidika to 2! Arketa den ta gnwrizw, opote tha ta tsekarw me thn hsyxia mou to vradaki. Thanks a lot! Tha sou pw entypwseis...

BlogNdoll said...

so lovely !!

lovelyviolet5 said...

The scarf is soo lovely and I'm inlove with your ress too!!!

Foteini said...

Helloooo! Lovely scarf and dress!

Meds - Placebo
Read my mind - Killers
Dance with somebody - Mando Diao
Mistake - Moby (not that "tough" but the lyrics always get me and I run harder when I hear it - it does the trick!)

Kisses! Kalo gym!

Kiku said...

looks great!

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Wau, I can see why! Such beautiful and fresh colours! Looks great on you! ;-D

.:JoaNNa:. said...

you look so cute! love that scarf ;)

my recommendations:
Lisztomania - Phoenix
Digital crush - After Midnight Project
I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin
I survived - The Graduate
Circles and squares - The Overunder

plus, you may wanna check out all of these bands' songs:
The Downtown Fiction

coz i cant choose! haha
happy working out! ;)

Fleur said...

You look so cute and gorgeous!
About the rock music... do you listen to Nirvana or it's just coincidence?

Froso said...

Wow, those are propositions! Thank u so much, I will check out every single song that I do not know, thank u so much!

@ Fleur: Yes, I do listen to Nirvana, but this has nothing to do with the name of my blog. It could have, though! Nice observation.

daisychain said...

adorable scarf x

not a girl not yet a woman! said...

OMG!!!!!!Where on earth did u find Field s scarf?I m obsessed with this woman..@ mad awards i saw her and we took a photo together..She seemed really easy-going...can I buy P.Field s stuff in Greece?

Annie♥ said...

M'areseiiiiiiiiiiii to foulari!!!!
Love love love ur blog!

Alessia said...

Oi mpalarines sou mou 8umizoun tis nees mpalarines apo Miu Miu,pou einai kolashhhh!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

And I adore this firts picture of you, you looks so beautiful and happy! :)

Oh God, I know so many good "working out" songs, but now that you ask I can't remember any! Ugh lol

P.S. Funny fact about the sunglasses you mention... But I guess at least when the sun finally comes out you don't need to rush to get yourself a pair of shades any more ;)

Froso said...

@ Not Yet A Girl: (you have such a big username!), that scarf was a part of the Patricia Field collection for Marks and Spencer two years ago. Some time before they used to sell P.F stuff in Style Fax (Thessaloniki), I do not know if they still do. Kiss!

@ Alessia: Thanks, alla den einai mpalarines, einai dekaponta slingbacks. :-)

@ Julia: I am a shade freak, I have never enough, so I do not need to rush anytime! You are lovely, if you remember any good songs I am waiting for you to tell!

Thank u all!

Montse said...

Very nice scarf, yes :)

Nathalie said...

Really a wonderful scarf and it goes so perfectly with the outfit. And congrats on the award

HIP HOP said...

My old blog got deleted my blogger
heres my new blog, follow my new blog
& ill follow yours 100% guranatee!

Kiara said...

pwpw!den exw logia!
teleio to stulaki!

madame De Kourelle said...

Very ... Juicy! Congrats!

Christina said...

Hello there! I love the denim dress. I bet you can style it in so many different ways.
Thanks for following, I'm going to follow you right back ;)

Blackberry Sherbet

Kristin said...

I would be in love with it too. Gorge scarf!

Nikosmommy said...

I had that dress in junior high school I think!!! Denim is so hot this spring.
I always like:
"She sells Sanctuary" - the Cult
"Magnificent"- U2 Remixed version
"Seven Nation Army"- White Stripes

Mairyliscious said...

yperoxo foulari
teleio forema
apisteuto proswpaki kai gluko xamogelo @
kalhmera !!!!

For The Fierce said...

You look so pretty & full of life in the first photo. I love a great smile =]

& the scarf is niceee <3

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

my dear Froso, u look fab!
love ur smile:) and outfit of course, amazing denim dress:)
ohh i cant wait for spring any longer! also its still cold in here anyways its getting better every day. so hope spring is already coming:)
im happy that ur camera is ok, hope u will take some gorgeous pics!
oh and about the songs....well im so sorry but i have no idea right now. im not used to listen to modern music now, i usually prefer classics like the beatles etc.
have a nice day! many kisses

Pingu said...

Eisai sketi glyka! Ti teleio xamogelo einai ayto?! :D
An k se kserw mono apo to inet, mou dineis tin esthisi oti eisai enas anthropos gemato energia, pathos, k oti diaskedazeis kathe lepto tis meras! Sinexise etsi koukla mou!

To outfit - AWESOME as always :)

Ayta ta tragoudia mou aresoun gia gym(an k den einai ola rock):

Rick James Superfreak:
Average White Band - Cut The Cake:
Grandmaster Flash - White Lines:
Trypes-Den Xoras Pouthena:

Den kserw an sou aresoun tetia tragoudia, alla eipa na ta grapsw :)

Panda said...

Just stumbled onto your blog,
+ i love it! Your dress is adorable,
and loving that scarf...
Panda x

Sinner Diamond said...

amzing outfit..
simple but very very cool*love your blog*
I'll follow you
sinner diamond

Logan said...

You look so great! The dress looks fab on you and I love it with the red shoes! xoxo

Froso said...

@ NikosMommy: Really? I "stole" it from my aunt's closet. Kiss!

@ Strawberry: Don't worry, Beatles is my favorite band EVER! In a short period of time I am preparing something that has to do with them! Kiss kiss!

@ Pingu: Hksera mono ayto apo tis trypes, alla kai ta alla mphkan amesws sto playlist mou, thanks, eisai fantastikh!

Thank u all, every single time your words make me feel awesome!

natalie said...

Love your hair like that!

ko0ty said...

I love that splash of color to your outfit from your scarf too. Very spring. =D

Candycane said...

Loving this outfit :D

CC xXx

Natalie said...

cute scarf! lovely on u :)

Froso said...

Thank you girls!

Vipera Lebetina said...

Froso this scarf is awesome!
Some songs you might like (you see I'm a rock addict too!):
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit
2.Friday I'm In Love
3.Losing My Religion
4.Mysterious Ways
5.Every Breath you take
6.Every You Every Me (Remix)
7.Sympathy For The Devil
8.You Shook Me All Night Long
9.Should I Stay Or Should I Go
10.Hotel California
11.Sweet Home Alabama
12.Every Breath You Take
13.We Will Rock You
14.Smoke On The Water
16.God Save The Queen
17.Blitzkrieg Bop
18.Paperback Writer
20.Come Together
21.James Bond Theme

These for now....!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Looking super cute Froso :)

Glad you got your cam back.

Vinda Sonata said...

congrats for the award! well-deserved.
love all of those pictures. you look very beautiful, seriously. great smile!

jeune_premier said...

to mantili sto laimo dinei mia retro nota!

an thes kati grigoro dokimase to seven nation army apo white stripes...elpizw na min to parakana!!

Moda de Colores said...

Amazing look!!


LeXa said...

I love the whole outfit..the scarf make it really ur make up too..xx

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

ohhh so im looking forward to it so much!!!!:)

Krimly said...

lovely dress!


meraldia said...

Beautiful scarf!

Froso said...

@ Vipera: Wow! 13 songs out of 21, I already have them in my playlist, we seem to have the same music tastes, I can't believe it, you are amazing!

@ Jeune Premier: Molis to akousa, fovero!

A big thanks to all of you, I love to hear your responses every single time, you are unbelievable! Mwahhh!

Markét a Tereza said...

You´re one of the most beautiful Greek girls I´ve ever seen! Are you from Thessaloniki? I was there before two weeks with my friend (she is μισή Ελληνίδα) and we had a great time!

Froso said...

Thank you for those kind words, yes I live in Thessaloniki, I hope you had a good time there! Kiss!

Natalia said...

i suggest LADY GAGA and BEYONCE for the gym!
they will definately give u spirit to train!

Froso said...

You are totally right! I have plenty of their songs in my playlist! Kiss!

Jasmien said...

You look amazing! Love the cute little scarf and I am so following you from now on :p xxx

Froso said...

Thanks for following Jasmien *I love your name!*

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