Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

AJ Trench coat
Mango Sweater
Zara Shorts
Toi&Moi Belt
Suede Boots

A big thanks to Fleur for giving me one more lovely award, now I have to mention ten things that make me happy (thanks girl, I am afraid I had nothing to write about today)! I have put them in a pretty random order, I have to say that I am a really happy person and I get excited by pretty small things.
  1. My family (I consider friends family as well)
  2. Bubble gum and candy (sour flavored)
  3. Reading your comments (I always appreciate your stylish feedback)
  4. Seeing new followers (it almost feels like having new friends)
  5. The first look at the new collections
  6. A cup of coffee combined with chatting with people I love
  7. A new purse (I love purses much more than shoes)
  8. Traveling
  9. Taking relaxing walks by the sea (corny, but it makes me feel sooo good!)
  10. A song I love, played suddenly on the radio
Now, your turn! What makes you happy? I love to read your responses!


Fashion said...

Really nice and sexy pics!! What makes me really happy is the smile of my friends and family, seeing pics of my travels with friends (better if they were taken many years ago), sunshine, beach and, o course, reading the comments on my blog and seeing new followers, that's for sure!!!

Nica said...

your hair ♥

what makes me happy?
- my boyfriend♥ (of course)
- going to a club with friends
- going to work (yes, really!)
and: my 2 guinea pigs ♥

Natalia said...

froso u like purses more than shoes?
really like ur hair aloso in thos pictures...
kissez+wish for the weather here in greece ot be better soon so u ll enjoy walks by the sea for coffe and candy!

Nadiye said...

stunning, the pictures

patricia said...

hello, you are very very pretty

Froso said...

Thank u girls for those interesting comments!

@ Fashion: You seem to be in a really summer mood, that is for sure!

@ Nica: It is so good to hear that people love their jobs! Guinea pigs? That was interesting!

@ Natalia: Yes, purses are not so easily destroyed and they look better as they grow older!

Logan said...

Aw, this is such a cute post. I love your outfit! It reminds me of something kate moss would pull it off really well!

I think sometimes it's the little things that make you happy the most. I could use a glass of wine and another long bath right now. I think those things would make me happy. That and a Chanel jumbo flap bag. : ) xoxo

BlogNdoll said...

You're so sexy and very stilish!
See you!

Nicole Jarecz said...

ooo great blog! following you as well :) xxnicole

justaddaccessory said...

poli oraies foto...eidika i aspromauri poli kalitexniki!!!
nomizw pws i ekfrasi "I love purses much more than shoes" me antiproswpeuei ki emena kata kapoio tropo... :-)

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

thanks for comment my dear! Well, what makes me happy? A lot of things, first of all my lovely boyfriend Filippo,then my family and friends, Nutella and chocolate in general (yes! hihihihihihi), my cats, the Xmas, the snow...and many other things! kisses ;)

inked said...

shorts and boots are my fave. Very pretty

lovelyviolet5 said...

Πολυ τελειο το σορτσακι!!!

juicy j said...

i love your braid && your bootts!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the braid and belt!

M. said...

I love sour candy too! cute outfit! :)

lovelove, M.

eyeswideopen said...

happiness, one of the keys to life.
but to name just a few.

1.My mommy
3.comedy shows a good laugh always makes me feel better
6.vintage shopping oh I get butterflies when I find a good peice.
7.sunshine and beach water
so that was a few things that make me happy. oh by the way I love your shirts they look great on you.

Pingu said...

Eyxaristw koukla mou!!! Htan poly oraia bradia! To mono pou den pige kala, itan to mathima pou egrapsa to mesimeri. :( Tespa. Tin epomeni fora ;)

Eisai mia sketi glyka! To headband m'arese para poly! Sou paei poly ayto to stilaki! K to outfit mou arese poly, epidi mou thimise oti ftanoun se ligo kairo poio zestes meres :)


Pink_Fish said...

1. My baby boy
2. Flowers from my husband
3. Listening to my favorite songs
4. Sun shining in Athens
5. Friends
6. Watching my favorite sit-coms
7. Red clothes
8. Make-up, make-up, make-up!
9. Tons of chocolate
10. Shopping new things (aha!)

Niki Asimakidis said...

kai´go pragmati latreuto to blog sou! I haven't found many Greek stylish blogs (well, your's is in English so see, it doesn't either count :P) but thanks for posting that comment in my blog ;)

I'm following you now,

Alejo said...

Hey! Fantastic look! I like it :)

Thanks very much for your comment and you follow me. I follow your blog, okey? Great :)


MyStrawberryCocktail said...

u look fab as always my dear! looove ur boots so much! u have a great body:) really nice.
well what makes me happy? as i was reading your words i just had to say oh yees its the same with me hehe:D so i agree with u in all the points and cant remember anything more now... for example ur comments always make me happy:)
have a great rest of ur day!!!

.:JoaNNa:. said...

i love your hair styled like that! i thought it was a headband at first =p
great outfit! love the shorts ;)
i'm happy when people are benefited by my actions, it could be from advice to jokes ;) xoxoxo

LeXa said...

Love the outfit..truly gorgeous..

Lottie said...

cute outfit!

For The Fierce said...

this outfit is haute! Id wear it for a casual spring day.
& I love new purses too!


Froso said...

@ Pingu:Elpizw na mh stenaxwrethikes poly gia to mathima!

@ Strawberry: Your comments brighten my day too!

@ Joanna: Actually it is a headband!

It seems like we are always happy with small things in life. That is good!

MissEducation said...

luv the boots
amazing look

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I'm new to your lovely blog- I just love it- you have a new follower

Mellon Rhum said...

Nice blog!!!
Cute pics.

Froso said...

Thank u guys!

Foteini said...

Very very stylish again! Sexy but somehow tender look, too!

I love it!
PS. Spring is inspiring, i Hope it lasts!!!

Mairyliscious said...

soy paei upervolika to kordelaki sto mallaki !!!
yperoxh ekseliksh tou blog sou
dustuxws to diko mou to paramelhsa arketa ...

Vipera Lebetina said...

Froso amazing photos, I love your style, it really rocks!
About your blog's name, if you like, adore, die for nirvana, you'll be my best friend!

Sissy said...

Cute girl!!! Like this boho look.

My boy, family and friends really are thje ones who make my days ; )

Rano83 said...

hi hi hi...I will stole you idea for my blog! =)

Alba said...

Hi! nice photos! you look is so cool! xoxo

Froso said...

@ Mairyliscious: H alitheia einai pws mou eleipsan ta posts sou!

@ Rano: You are welcome to!

Thanks for those lovely comments, it is such a difficult week, no free time at all to respond to all of you. I still love you though!

Be there!

Logan said...

You have to go over to my blog ASAP. I have something for you there! You got an award! (why does this seem like an ad everytime i write it..haha..just look at my blog and you will understand!)

ells said...

just one thing that makes me happy, is these few days at nearing the end of winter, when the sun comes out, and you really remember spring is just around the corner! lovely blog & well done for the award :) ells, xo

Froso said...

Thank u both!

@ Logan: That is so nice from you!

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

hi my dear!
first of all - thank u so much for ur sweet comments, they always make me sooo happy:) u r really kind to me! hehe about my legs, i really hate them cuz they are just a way too skinny. i have been always so shy showing them in skirts...
second - i have no problems with creating that article. it would be such and honor for me:) so i better should say thank u so much!

have a great evening, im looking forward ur next articles with new photos a lot!
many kisses, take care:)

Erin said...

Oh dear I adore your outfit...Just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through your posts and they're all so fashionable...! Will definitly be back!

Love love love,



xoxo Kellz* said...

aww i love ure hair in this one...everything looks perfect N i adore ure 10 random things

Lindsay said...

so cute. I love your hair and the boots.

jeune_premier said...

mia vradini volta stin paralia me wraia mousiki sto autokinito einai oti kalutero....

martis said...

what i like the most? Ur eyes, smile,... (:
OK, I think now it's the right time to follow u here and on Twitter as well...

Have a nice day!

Be said...


Froso said...

Thank u lovelies! It was so nice to hear from u! said...

that belt is awesome! u r so pretty!

Froso said...

Thank u lovely!

post2.soo said...

Καλά ε, στην ασπρόμαυρη φώτο είσαι κούκλα. Όχι πως στις άλλες δεν είσαι, απλά μου αρέσουν οι ασπρόμαυρες φώτο. Είναι πιο artistic:-p

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