Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Random Facts About Me:

 Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
Miss Sixty Cardigan
Black Elastic Belt
Black Leggings
It's been a very tiring day, so let's have some fun. There are some random facts about me:
  1. I am  a Gemini.
  2. I study English Literature and Culture.
  3. My dream man is Enrique Iglesias.
  4. All my best friends (2 in number) are men. It just happens.
  5. I love being home alone.
  6. I can't stand people who smell bad, it drives me crazy!
  7. My all time favorite song is "Supergirl" by Reamon.
  8. I really like talking with people I don't know.
  9. I love cooking.
  10. I dream of moving to Milan, although I can't stay away from Greece for a long time.
Now, go ahead and tell me something random about you!


Nica said...

the cardigan looks so nice!
i love the colours!

LeXa said...

Love the photos..Two things we actually got something in common FIRST:I also like to talked to people i don't know and second I love Enrique Iglesias..xxx

miss.tammy said...

Supergirl is really nice!

Maskenlady said...

I love your cardigan, it's awesome :D

Nadiye said...

I love it too to talk to people i dont know.
sometimes i just do it randomly on the street :)

I love this post !

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

oh this is such a nice outfit! love the colors..remind me spring and summer! omg im looking forward the these seasons soooo much!
and i love ur quiz..haha the 4th point made me laugh "it just happens" :D lol

Alexandra Hoover said...

May just have to do a post like this!

Alex Cooper said...

Yeah! Diesel Campaign is awesome! =)

Minette said...


Froso said...

I loved your replies, at least I know who actually read what I write.

@ Lexa: I will not share him, you shall know from now! :-D

@ Alexandra: Feel free to, honey!

Sarah said...

I love the cardigan! Interesting facts--I love being home alone as well


Ewelka said...

Cardigan is gorgeus i love this colors on you. xo xo

xoxo Kellz* said...

very nice top hunny i like it...My hubby is my best fren:)lol

For The Fierce said...

I usually only like Aviators, but your shades are nooooice<3

Random facts 'bout myself...
I'm a leo, When I refer to someone as my best friend it could just mean I've known them for a while & I luhh them.

Natalia said...

enrique iglesias????
wel thats a surprise!
my dream man is DAVID BOWIE - i love him!
nice colours in ur cardigan!
kissez+keep up spreading style!

ayana said...


Maria said...

Maybe we should all just interpret this as a 'tag' and write 10 random things about ourselves on our blogs!?!?

laurenjean. said...

this sweater looks so cozy!

(ilove being home alone so much that i am moving to my own apartment in the city...cant wait!)

i scond what maria said....10 random things blogs!


sarper? said...

Two random fact about me is
1: Dream woman is Sienna Miller!
2. Moving to Barcelona because combines street style & architecture

Do you find these to ask, I find these is required and we are happy!

Kata t alla m aresei to look s alla i zwni me xalaei kapws. Nomizw xwris zwni tha itan pio komple to look... [xwris parexigisi, etsi?]


Love the big dark shades, very mysterious! Cozy sweater, nice touch with the elastic belt. Will try that...Love your style!
1. I wish I were tall
2. I Love the Beach
3. I'm on a diet


The Haute Bitch said...

cute as always!


Beautygirl24 said...

I linked your blog in my latest post ;)

Logan said...

Such a cute post! I am Gemini too..wahoo..every person I met that is a Gemini I have clicked with...we rock!

Pink_Fish said...

1. I'm a Cancer
2. I love wearing perfume
3. I can't live without coffee and chocolates
4. I love watching movies and listening to music
5. I love being home alone too
6. I love shopping and make up
7. I am a control-freak (!)
8. I laugh a lot
9. I enjoy long walks through the city
10. I tend to forget things (cause of age :) )

laura ♥ said...

i love how you're wearing your hair and i love the sunglasses too! x

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love cooking too and loving your sweater!

Nikosmommy said...

Love your random facts.
Cooking is fab...stinky people is not! Guy friends are always the best...so logical and unemotional, great to talk to!

vicen said...

Thank you, very kind.

VaidaG said...

I am also a Gemini.And next year i'm going to study study English Literature and Culture lol.
And your outfit is so cute :)
I feel like i'm going to have so much fun reading your blog :)
Take care, xox

vicen said...

You are already on "LOOK 10", if you are interested, please check and do some comment.

YOU ARE ON:http://look10.blogspot.com/2010/02/style-nirvana-vero-moda-jessica-simpson.html

You can also ask to be removed from LOOK 10.
Pick your prize, saying AWARD, if you want. It’s for your blog.

Froso said...

@ Maria: That is such a good idea!

@ Sarper: Eisai eleytheros na les th gnwmh sou, opoia kai an einai ayth, ta sxolia sou einai panta diaforetika kai ta apolambanw, filakia! (1 akoma random fact gia mena: den parekshgoumai eykola!)

@ Beautygirl: Thank u hun, I will check this out!

@ Logan: Yes, we rock! (and we tend to brag, hahahaah!)

@ Pink Fish: I enjoyed your comment soooo much!

@ VaidaG: We seem to have many things in common, it will be great to hear from u again!

@ Vicen: Thank u for featuring me! Kiss!

vicen said...

Thank you very much, I like your blog.

My Life Is A Mess said...

Yperoxo to plekto!Fainetai xouxouliariko kai zesto!
Omologv pws maresei na foraw fardia rouxa pou einai aneta ke xanomai mesa s auta.An kai den to kanw polu suxna!

Giulia said...

Girl, i absolutely LOVE ur blog. I'm following u! kisses

juicy j said...

hello you are gorgeous.

p.s. love your blog to miss!

F e n i a ♥ said...

Supergirl is my alltime fav song as well!!!

Froso said...

Love u all!

Fleur said...

thanks for following!
you look so lovely...
i think it's wonderful to have a man friend when neither you nor he want something more. for me it's extra rare so i appreciate it much more than woman friends... :)

daisychain said...

amazing cardigan x

Boho Glamour said...

cool outfit! one random thing about me....i lived in kalamaki for a short time....love greece!

cara mia

sarper? said...

den parexigithikes loipon. auto ki an einai random!!! :D

Froso said...

@ Boho: That is cool! I hope you liked it!

@ Sarper: (Smiling!)

Foteini said...

What I always love about your look (besides the shoes, which always get me) is your attitude!

Now, Random facts?
Supergirl used to be my ex's fav song for me(Now I can't stand it as you can imagine)
Dream men: Tom Ford, Clive Owen
I studied Greek Literature in AP8 and I absolutely LOVE THESSALONIKI.


Agata Bonaccorso said...

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Ebba said...

Love the cardigan!! the colors in the cardi looks great with your hair color

Jezebel said...

That post made me smile! :)
Love love love LOVE those sunglasses.
Agh, Dolce & Gabana! :)
Bonnie xx

(Approving of Enrique, btw)

madeleine said...

ahaha yes AGREED! Enrique is tha best!! we listen to him all the time in spanish class. and oh yeah i totally remember that song supergirl. aaahh memories of being young and imaginitive

Random Chiq said...

if i was in Greece I don't think i'd wanna leave that place also hehe.

cute cardigan =)

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Beautiful cardigan, I love the colors!

Froso said...

@ Foteini: Tom Ford?!?!? Now, that is a surprise! (concerning "supergirl", that is a very good reason to hate a song)

Thank u all for being there!

Foteini said...

Well.. an eksaireseis to obvious fysika :)

thetragicallychic said...

u look great as usual :) the boots are super awesome!

jeune_premier said...

zwntas sto Milano...oneiro kai gia mena...!!pali kala pou sou aresei na mageireueis...spanio pragma gia tis gynaikes simera!!!

suzy said...

Hi Froso! Love the sweater, it looks so cozy, and i love the colors! I'm now a follower! I also follow you on Twitter, you can follow me back if you want :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Love, love the oversized knit with elastic belt look : )

Froso said...

@ Suzy: Thanks hun, I am following too!

Kisses to everybody, love that u are here!

Graham I. Haynes said...

#3 and 6 gave me a good laugh.

.:JoaNNa:. said...

i love your cardigan!
i have a dream of going to the poles to see penguins. i've seen tropical penguins but they're kind of different. i love them so much and that explains why i have tons of stuffed penguins haha :)

Froso said...

@ Graham: I don't know why, men do not seem to appreciate Enrique's looks...

@ Joanna: Penguins? Gosh, that is my favorite animal, they are so cute when little, I saw some when I was in Sweden and I was doing like a kid!

Jesa said...

How amazing is that sweater! I just stumbled on your blog! I love your blunt bang too you have the perfect face to pull it off!

lovely blog :)
Cheers, Jesa

Froso said...

Thank u Jesa!

Stavroula said...

I think we were separated at birth!!!! Pote exeis gennethlia? egw 10 iouniou!

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