Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beauty Products I Will Buy Over and Over Again

  1. Second Skin Make-up, Max Factor: That thing is really invisible, I do not really like heavy complexions and in that I found everything I wanted from a foundation!
  2. Mac Concealer: Perfect coverage for a person who always has dark circles, no matter what.
  3. Meteorites Powder, Guerlain: It is the best sheer powder in the cosmetic world, it works as a protective veil for the make-up and it always helps when you overdo it with blush! Not to mention that it lasts for ages.
  4. Hypnose Mascara, Lancome: No Comments!
  5. Le Crayon Khol, Lancome: Perfect eye-liner, stays on for many hours!
  6. Iced Lotus Blush, Clinique: Perfect blush for such a fair skin girl.
  7. Levres Scintillantes Lip-gloss, Chanel: Love their wide range of colours and their unique feeling on the lips.

I never buy a beauty product twice, you should know that I am very picky concerning beauty products. But these products, I will be buying them for as long as they are sold!

What is your all time favourite make-up product?


Kelly Cambon said...

Oh I totally agree with you on the Mac concealer. I've used it for years and never thought of purchasing anything else.

tess stam said...

thanks for your comment.
i am a maxfactor foundation addict.

Athina said...

I love the lancome khol as well. It is my HG pencil liner. I really wanted to try the meteorites and I think I might pick it up from the airport in a couple of days. does the mac concealer work on blemishes and stuff. I use the studio sculpt but it the color is all wrong for me at the moment so I'm looking for one to replace it with.

Fashion Nicotine said...

You see the max factor on a lot of blogs, I'll try it out! Also got the chanel lipgloss =D


Froso said...

@ Athina: The Meteorites powder is absolutely worth its money, you will not regret it! As for the Mac concealer, it works so good concerning dark circles, but when it has to do with blemishes it is not very effective, that is why I use a green concealer on the blemish, and afterwards the mac, and in that way everything works perfectly!

Brooke said...

I love Guerlain Meteorites too! they are just amazing.

ClassyDea66 said...

i love the mac concealer.... def need to try the chanel glosses! youre blog is tres chic madamoiselle! thanks for following me, i'm definitely following you now!

meraldia said...

My favorite make-up products are Clinique Moisturizing Glosses! Perfect for the lips! Btw, your previous post was great! Very useful list!

-elle♡ said...

aw i wish i had the money to afford these...since i dont have a job i never havemoney T_T (so depressing)

marb said...

oi metewrites einai ola ta lefta!

drosostalitsa said...

I love the Hypnose Mascara, it's my favorite! I will keep in mind the rest of the products next time i go shopping..
Thanx for sharing!


LOLanne said...

ooooh mac's select cover up is my next concealer to try... im glad this is in your "will buy over and over again" list. i have the WORST under eye circles.. hopefully thisll cover it :)


Sushi said...

Thanks for sharing these. I love MAC makeup x Sushi

Emilie said...

The Chanel lipgloss is indispensable! :) nice blog!

Froso said...

Kisses everybody!

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