Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Top On-line Shopping Spots

As if real shopping was not enough, a couple of years ago I started shopping on-line. That means that I can shop 24/7 (a thing not so good for my wallet)! I hate the thing that I have to wait to get my order, but on the Internet you can save a lot of money, concerning the fact that there are sales all year long!

Well, there is a list of my favorite, secure and tested online shops:
  • (amazing sales section)
  • (lovely T-Shirts, great discounts, quick delivery)
  • (always something special to crave)
  • (everybody knows the reason why)
  • (you can find Balmain 85% off!!!)
  • (luxury goods, great sales)
  • (the greatest and cheapest music T-shirts I have ever seen)
  • (great discounts in make-up stuff and fragrances, free shipping worldwide)
  • (home stuff, make-up, clothes etc. free delivery worldwide)
  • (great discounts in fragrances)
  • (great choices, wonderful books, many options!)
By the way, I don't trust e-bay, I don't have any personal experience but you cannot always control the authenticity of the purchased products. And for me, that is a problem.

Do you know any other on-line shops worth visiting? I will be so happy to hear your responses!


Barcelonette said...

thanks for this list! i love some of them like asos :) i'm addicted

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Great choices for your on-line shopping spots. And, thank you bunches for stopping by my blog, GirlWhimsy. Have a whimsical Friday, my dear.

Bombchell said...

i like asos, Im glad u said something about strawberry cuz yesterday was my first time hearing about it, and ur review is positive

AVY said...

Shopping online feels so sad, I want to feel the stuff I'm going o buy!

betz said...

thanks a lot for sharing these. i love OL shopping.

Harriet said...

I love all of these places! What a lovely blog by the way! Want to exchange links?

Froso said...

@ Bombchell: strawberry is a very safe place to shop, everything is 100%genuine and the reductions are great. try it without fear!

@AVY: yes, i like real shopping too, but it is fun to get stuff right at your door, in an extremelly smaller price than you'd normally get them

@Harriet: I already follow you, you can follow me too, or we can surely exchange links, your blog is lovely!

xoxo to everyone, I am thrilled everytime i read your comments!!!

dotie said...

so shopping is addictive..thanks for the list btw :)

Francheska said...

thanks for this... there were some that i didnt know about before and i do now thanks to you!

there´s also Shopbop, lagar├žonne, pixiemarket,idontlikemondays... :) x

Coop said...

thanks Froso :-)

Jessica Druck said...

is only ASOS weren't just online!

Zanah said...

I shop online a lot too... helpful websites! Thx :) Mon Mode Blog

Annie♥ said...

Wow! nice blog girl : ) Thank you for following mee! Following returned!

much love,
p.s I love 2 Coco Chanel-einai to kati allo h gynaika!

Magenta said...

great list - I'm absolutely addicted to net-a-porter

Little Miss Cupcakes said...

Thank you for all these adress on-line shops!!! I dont't know all of them!
see you soon!!!
My english is poor sorry!

Stavroula said...

I'll also add the following on-line shops:




Original cosmetics: MAC, Benefit, Sleek, BarryM, Sigma,NYX etc!! :)


elf cosmetics, nice quality at great prices :)

Ebay can be tricky if you're not careful! However if you buy from sellers with high positive feedback and many customers, then you're all good! :) I've bought many things from Ebay and they were all original! :)

I love online shopping, especially for cosmetics and beauty supplies!! :)

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