Friday, January 15, 2016

Not Another Sales Post

You know that stupid thing that's happening on sales, when you always swear that you will be buying useful stuff, and you end up looking at the new-ins in awe? Yes, that is happening a lot there too. All these garments that used to look glamorous and ultra needed, suddenly have lost their sparkle. The new ones dazzle you with their vivid colors and newness and they make you dream of all these spring walks that you are about to enjoy while wearing them. The same thing happened to me while I was browsing through some of my beloved on-line shopping destinations. A new pair of flared jeans, a nice, sturdy, neutral coat, some new sportswear in beautiful colors and some extra basics to brighten up your old, trusty classics. Clothes that can be easily layered, such as a denim chemise, are a must and they should be an essential part of our wardrobe, no matter the season. So, whatever you choose to buy, make sure that it can be worn at least nine months per year. In case you've been talking about wise choices.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa List

Christmas is near; I guess  that  your christmas tree is already brightening up your living room, but what about your gift lists? Giving presents may feel quite fulfilling, but picking up the ideal ones for the people you love may be quite of a pain in the ass sometimes. Here follow some ideas that I consider helpful, in case you get stuck in the way:

For Her:
  1. A statement, furry waistcoat to wear above her leather jackets.
  2. A cute, girly dress that will keep her stylish throughout any kind of family gathering.
  3. A fluffy cardigan, because no girl ever said no to a new piece of knitwear.
  4. A leopard purse, because we all own a black one.
  5. A new pair of high-heeled shoes, as -simple or extravagant- they always make us feel a bit more feminine.
  6. An extra-stylish semi-formal pair of brogues, because you need some dressy flats for any kind of occasion that a pair of trainers won't do the job.
  7. Uggs, because after all these hours spent in festive, yet uncomfortable shoes, stepping into a pair of those will feel like stepping on heaven.
For Him:
  1. A new T-shirt, because no man ever had enough.
  2. A crisp shirt, because he'll definitely need a new one, having to attend so many occasions.
  3. A leather jacket, because boys need it as much as we do.
  4. A warm, cozy hoodie, because no man ever looked bad in a hoodie.
  5. A piece of quality luggage, because most men do not feel the importance of having one, until they do.
  6. A pair of extravagant trainers, to spice up things in their shoe collection.
  7. A pair of Oxfords, to make him feel Beckham af.
Have a jolly season sweethearts!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Little (or not) Black Bag

Little or not, black bags and purses are the thing, especially during winter. No one can deny the versatility and usefulness of a black bag, and the way it can transform an outfit. Backpacks are particularly in, no matter if they are big or small, along with pouches and classic flaps. Irrespective of most people's love-hate relationship with animal prints, a leopard lover like me would not hesitate to root for the style value of a leopard piece too, as long as it is chosen with mindfulness and grace. Leopard pieces can be considered as neutral, as they really pop a seemingly dull outfit, based on the winter pallette of black and grey. Bold or not, they choice is yours. Be wise.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is It Autumn Yet?

Black leather, suede, studs and tassels, the new season is so exciting! I know it's still fairly hot, but no fashion lover can deny the thrill of a new pair of shoes. Let's be honest, when your beach holiday is over, there is no other joy to crave than your first warm coffee of the season, while snuggling in cozy knits. Just like any other winter, I'll stick to my basic palette of black, grey, white and leopard, along with some gem hues. Make sure that you add up some basics, mixing them with some more exciting pieces like aztec prints and damask velvet ones. Septembers are always the hastiest of months, as I am trying to recover from my very long summer holiday, while hopelessly trying to put my life in an organized mood once again Until then, online shopping and the latest Vogue issue laying on my bedside table will do the job. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Some More

June is coming to an end and summer collections are in full bloom. Summery designs, airy clothes, cute dresses, bikinis, and sandals I bet there will be nothing missing from your suitcase. As many times as I've tried to go back on the way  I used to pack in the past, I can't help but laugh at the way I was overthinking the whole process; it seems way ridiculous the way I thought that this 8th pair of shoes would be useful in my 7-day holiday. Now, a little older but much wiser, I can brag about being mature enough to carry exactly the amount of garments I will need, plus one or two extra bits and bobs just in case. The unmistakable process of trial and error one would say, and I couldn't agree more. So, don't overthink; pack as many bikinis as you wish (splurge on that, you'll spend your whole day in these), some white basics that will brighten up your much coveted tan, and two or three statement pieces to rock the nights. Have fun and take a lot of pictures, featuring the most important accessory you own; that smile. Kiss, kiss.
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