Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's a commonplace for my adult self to love what I used to hate in my teenagehood; it all started with Converse, it went on with  r n' b music, and it recently resulted in Vans (God knows where it's going). I got my first Vans pair, a leopard -what else?- beauty a couple of months ago and I guiltily confessed that, hell, they really are much more comfortable than my beloved All Stars, yet not so beautiful. I am really into patterned pairs, but I am also lurking over those wine reds. And no matter how I am not what you'd call a fan of skater boys (yeap, I guess I am too old for this shit) I simply cannot resist the easygoingness of a hunk wearing a pair of limited edition, Star Wars themed Vans along with a fancy backpack (minus the skateboard). So, skater-friendly or not, a nice pair would absolutely be a must for your autumn strolling and your leaf-themed Instagram shots, so I would definitely recommend to give these a try even if you are not the type.  Regret is not an option.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Black Is The New Black

August 10th, and what a better way to start your Sunday than some new collections' pondering. Unless you are at the beach. But if you are not, you must have already noticed the wide spectrum of fashion editorials devotedly talking about the new season's must-haves. As far as everyone can see, the upcoming collections were quite conservative at first place, asking for quality and simplicity in lines. The 90s are here for one more season to come, and luscious textiles are the king of the new fashion era. Gray hues, burgundy and gemstone colors are here to stay, but -to be fair and square- one is the shade that has never been out of style, black.
One may have said 'Red? Nah, I already own a pair.' or 'Blue? I got one last season, that's enough.' but noone has ever dared to say that they have enough black shoes. That's why every single season designers put all their effort to amaze their clients once again by reinventing the most basic part of the color spectrum. Leather or not, studded or simple, these are some of the new ins that got me thinking about what is needed to update my wardrobe fot the new season. A pair of black booties will surely be at the peak of my list, along with a pair of high-heeled everyday boots. What about you?

Have fun with the rest of your holidays.
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